University Core Curriculum 

The University Core Curriculum, encompassing both the General Education-Distributive Learning program and Engaged Learning Experiences courses, develops and enhances students' intellectual and practical skills through immersion in disciplines and fields of study and by learning within the resources of community and diversity at Northeastern. Critical inquiry, learning how to recognize and respond to important questions, is the essence of the liberal arts and sciences.

Through public engagement, including research experiences, creative performance, and civic involvement, students can connect and adapt disciplinary practices and thinking beyond the classroom. Students completing the requirements of the University Core Curriculum will gain tools to become life-long learners, reflective individuals, ethical professionals, and active members of their communities. Through the University Core Curriculum, students will develop a broad foundation of knowledge and skills that will support advanced study and civic responsibility; and integrate and apply multiple intellectual perspectives of increasing complexity to new situations.  

General Education-Distributive Learning
For specific information on how to complete the General Education-Distributive Learning (DS) requirements, refer to the General Education-Distributive Learning webpage.
Engaged Learning Experiences
For specific information on how to complete the Engaged Learning Experiences (ELE) requirements, refer to the Engaged Learning Experiences webpage.