Click on the links below to download the documents:

MARC Student Application: Download the student application form here and submit as per instructions on our How to Apply page.

NIH MARC U-STAR Handbook: The Handbook for MARC Scholars must be read prior to signing the Contract of Commitment. The handbook provides information about the program, including expectations about the research training, details of the financial support, and NIH or NEIU policies regarding the MARC program/scholars.

MARC Contract of Commitment: Once accepted into the program, all scholars must read, understand, sign and abide by the articles in the MARC Contract of Commitment.

MARC Research Timesheet: We ask all our MARC scholars to keep track of the time they spend conducting research by completing the research timesheet and submitting to the MARC Program Coordinator on the last Thursday of each month.

MARC Thesis Manual: The MARC Thesis Manual provides general guidelines on how to write the MARC thesis. It is important that scholars consult with their faculty advisor about the thesis format and style as it does usually differ between disciplines.