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Join Living Learning Communities at NEIU

What are Living Learning Communities?

Living Learning Communities (LLC) are residential communities that introduce and integrate academic and social learning through faculty and staff involvement within a holistic education. LLC at NEIU are designed to create a greater sense of community through increased opportunities for faculty and peer interaction around specific topics. Students in LLC live together in the same area of The Nest, our on-campus residence hall, and share experiences that reinforce their academic focus and/or theme of their LLC. Students and faculty are provided opportunities for connection outside of the classroom and LLC supports networking across common interests.

By Joining Living Learning Communities, students will benefit from...

  • an enriched campus housing experience that connect academic and extracurricular activities
  • more interactions with faculty, civic leaders, and University administrators
  • closer connections with faculty members who can assist with academic studies
  • an increased sense of community at NEIU
  • greater content knowledge in LLC topics

Housing Scholarship

Learning Living Communities offer a housing scholarship for students who are accepted into the program. More detailed information is provided by each LLC program. 

What are the types of LLCs?

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Social Justice Leadership Program

The Social Justice Leadership Program provides the opportunity for incoming full-time students to spend two semesters learning about numerous social justice issues through courses, guest speakers, on-campus events and off-campus outings.

Learning Outcomes

Students who participate fully in the Social Justice Leadership Program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate increased understanding of their own individual and group identities, and be able to articulate how their identity impacts their experiences with others
  • Respond to people who have different identities with empathy, respect, understanding and connection
  • Analyze how power and privilege create bias as well as institutional and systemic oppression
  • Identify key people and movements that have led to greater equity among people
  • Recognize one’s own responsibility to speak out against exclusion, prejudice and injustice
  • Practice collective action to bring about greater inclusion and equity through curriculum and programming
  • Students will take a fall course that provides an introduction to social justice concepts and to issues such as racial justice, gender equity, immigration and citizenship, LGBTQ+ rights, rights for people with disabilities, housing security, economic justice and issues of policing and mass incarceration
  • Students will take a spring course that includes leadership training and a small group project that proposes and suggests how to implement greater equity at NEIU or a nearby community
  • Course instruction will be supplemented by a monthly campus event or outing related to social justice, such as a museum exhibit or theatre performance
  • Students will meet at least three times per semester with the program coordinator to receive support for academic and personal challenges


The Social Justice Leadership Program will accept 25 freshmen and 15 transfer students. Applications to the program include both a written component and a 20-30 minute virtual interview. Apply by completing the written application. After you have submitted your application, you will be contacted to schedule an interview.

Program Lead: Dr. Vicki Byard, V-Byard@neiu.edu 

Campus Partners: Additional support for the program is provided by Student Leadership Development and the Social Justice Leadership Advisory Committee.

Learn more about the Social Justice Leadership Program

The Discover Yourself @ NEIU Living Learning Community 

The Discover Yourself @ NEIU Living Learning Community is a leadership development program designed for first-time, full-time freshmen aspiring to be student leaders. Over the course of the year you will have the opportunity to meet influential university leaders, develop personal leadership skills, and create a network of colleagues. You do not need a background in leadership to be a part of this LLC.  

By joining, you will discover your passions, strengths, leadership potential, career goals, and how NEIU can support you during your first year of college and beyond. More importantly, you will discover yourself at NEIU.

The Discover Yourself @ NEIU Living Learning Community is cultivated through an on-going partnership with Student Leadership Development. Students selected will receive a housing scholarship to live in The Nest, our on-campus residence hall. This program is also open to a limited number of commuter students.

Learning Outcomes

Participating fully in the Discover Yourself @ NEIU Living Learning Community, you will be able to:

  • Identify your values and passions
  • Articulate your strengths, and learn how to use them in class and with peers
  • Discover how to connect your passions and strengths to potential majors and career paths
  • Develop leadership skills and apply them within student organization, service work or other areas in the NEIU community
  • Learn about campus resources and be able to direct peers to them


The program requires participation in each of the activities listed:

  • Leadership Development Training
    • Leadership Pathway class in the fall and Certified Peer Educator Training class in the spring 
  • Civic Engagement
    • Participation in at least one service event
  • Student Organization
    • Join at least one student organization
  • Workshops
    • Attend monthly workshop
  • Reflections
    • Complete assessments and personal reflections throughout the year

Program Leads: Veronica Rodriguez, v-rodriguez9@neiu.edu, and Rae Joyce Baguilat, r-baguilat@neiu.edu, Student Leadership Development

Campus Partners: Career Development, Learning Success Center, Alumni Relations, Campus Recreation, Health and Wellness, Counseling Center

Apply today to join the Discover Yourself @ NEIU Living Learning Community

Future Teachers Living Learning Community

Program Overview & Requirements

The Future Teachers Living Learning Community (FTLLC) is open to NEIU students that are planning on a career in teaching and interested in living on campus with peers who are on a similar path. The goal of the FTLLC is to bring together a cohort of first and second year students interested in teaching and more advanced students enrolled in teacher education programs. Selected students will be enrolled in cohort classes, take part in monthly success seminars and participate in an annual future teacher leadership retreat. Students will demonstrate a desire in determining if teaching is the right career choice as they matriculate toward graduation from NEIU. 

Students expressing an interest in the on-campus housing initiative will complete an application, and participate in an interview session with the selection committee prior to the fall semester. To receive and remain eligible for the award students must:

  • Be admitted to NEIU currently majoring in, or planning to pursue, a degree in education
  • Have a FAFSA (or RISE Act State Alternative Application) on file with NEIU
  • Maintain a full-time course load of at least 12 credit hours per semester
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Be enrolled in cohort classes both fall and spring semesters
  • Meet regularly with a program-designated academic advisor

Program Lead: Jeremy Babcock, j-babcock@neiu.edu

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