Due to COVID-19, Summer 2020 courses will be offered entirely online (OL). Please note that courses are offered in two different online formats:

1. Remotely (synchronous), meeting live online at specific days/times, or
2. Fully online (asynchronous), having no specific meeting times attached to them.

For more information and updates, see NEIU's Coronavirus Response Page.

Come learn with us! The College of Arts and Sciences offers undergraduate majors and minors and master’s degrees in more than 60 fields of intellectual inquiry, scientific research, creative expression and social engagement. 

Incorporating diverse ideas, the College enriches your learning environment by offering you abundant opportunities for intellectual discovery. Through scientific, social, and cultural awareness, you can develop your own view of the world. You'll get to work with and learn from professors who are outstanding in their fields and passionate about teaching. We support student-faculty research, peer-led team learning, internships, and community-based fieldwork.

Northeastern announces new English Institute for non-credit courses

In an effort to make its English courses more accessible to working professionals and community members not seeking college credit, Northeastern Illinois University has created the NEIU English Institute.

“The idea was simply to open our already existing courses to community members who want college-level courses but don't need college credit and find the cost of tuition prohibitive,” College of Arts and Sciences Acting Associate Dean Tim Libretti said. “This initiative allows folks in our community who want to continue learning to take our courses on a non-credit basis and pay a greatly reduced cost.” Read more.

Confronting Climate Change, Transforming Cultures: A College of Arts and Sciences Theme Semester, Spring 2020

Climate change has been rapidly altering our environment and, in doing so, has necessarily altered how we must think about nearly every other issue and aspect in our world, including health, racial and gender inequality, politics, economy, immigration, environmental justice and more. We are pressed to address climate change scientifically and think about it in historical and sociological terms, in terms of the psychology of denial, as well as through art, culture and language. 

For the Spring 2020 semester, the College of Arts and Sciences has created the Confronting Climate Change, Transforming Cultures curriculum, which brings together several courses from across our programs and disciplines.This suite of courses aims to tackle many of these issues, dimensions, and challenges from a diverse range of perspectives and disciplinary lenses. 

In addition to courses, the College of Arts and Sciences will sponsor a series of University and public events to engage the broader community in much-needed discussion and action to positively impact Northeastern, the Albany Park community, and the greater Chicago area. 

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