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Join the NEIU Libraries at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 26 for a virtual book talk featuring Professor Francesca Morgan, author of the 2021 book "A Nation of Descendants: Politics and the Practice of Genealogy in U.S. History."

Published by the University of North Carolina Press, "A Nation of Descendants" traces Americans' fascination with tracking family lineage through three centuries. It examines how specific groups throughout history grappled with finding and recording their forebears, focusing on Anglo-American white, Mormon, African American, Jewish, and Native American people. Morgan also describes how individuals and researchers use genealogy for personal and scholarly purposes, and she explores how local businesspeople, companies like Ancestry.com, and Henry Louis Gates Jr.'s "Finding Your Roots" series powered the commercialization and commodification of genealogy.

Francesca Morgan is an Associate Professor of History at Northeastern Illinois University. Her first book, "Women and Patriotism in Jim Crow America" (published in 2005), is also available from the University of North Carolina Press.

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College of Arts and Sciences News

College of Arts and Sciences’ Faculty Go “Above and Beyond” in Teaching Students Through the Pandemic, Creating Options for Summer and Fall 2021

To put it lightly, the past year presented challenges for our students, faculty, and the University as a whole, which none of us could have foreseen. The University community had to transition abruptly to virtual classrooms and find creative ways to recreate in new formats the same meaningful educational experiences for our students, while also helping them manage the many stresses the pandemic caused in their lives.

As one of our Psychology majors put it: “This pandemic has created lots of obstacles for many individuals. However, NEIU has done everything in their power to accommodate their students. I am happy to be a student at NEIU.”

She elaborated: 

"Northeastern Illinois University has gone above and beyond to accommodate their students throughout this pandemic. They have provided a great balance of effective class experiences despite the class being an online course. My professors have been extremely understanding given the circumstances. They are willing to stay after class hours to help, give extended due dates and have peer leaders in their course. I was worried when I first started NEIU as a transfer student in the middle of the pandemic. My teachers and advisors reassured me that I would be successful and that NEIU would do anything to help me achieve this goal. NEIU has been so welcoming to me. It also has been so refreshing to have so many influential people rooting for me."

A Mathematics student offered a similar testimony:

"As a transfer student returning to college after nearly a decade of absence, I was more than a little concerned about what the learning process would entail and it was to be compounded by the difficulties of remote learning because of the COVID-19 restrictions. I had no experience in distance learning, the use of D2L or Zoom. I believe though that despite the difficulties in initial adaptation it was a very good medium for this class.

The professor used screen sharing to provide real-time solutions to questions and we each had projects where we utilized the same features to give instruction and receive feedback so that we would be more comfortable with the technology. And since all classes can be recorded we could go back to previous classes to view segments that may have proven difficult to understand at first. I think it provided more flexibility than an in-person class, and the professor executed the class very effectively and turned what could traditionally be seen as an obstacle to education into a highly effective tool."

And an English student told her chair:

"I do not mind where the professors are teaching from or how they look because I had a great experience this semester and I think everyone did the best they could. I appreciate what you all are doing."

The College of Arts and Sciences continues to serve students and offer safety and flexibility for the coming summer and fall semesters. We know these are stressful times are not over.

We also know that you, our students, want to keep learning and making progress toward graduation and that you may still have different levels of comfort in returning to campus depending on your circumstances. Many of you may be eager to rejoin your peers and professors in our vibrant community and classrooms. Others of you may want to ease your way back in or continue to pursue your studies virtually.

Our programs have created a diverse and flexible array of possibilities so you can stay on track in your studies, learn in the style that works for you, and feel safe and secure as you do so. Because your safety is our priority as we continue to provide you with an excellent education, the majority of our Summer 2021 semester courses will still be offered online or remotely, with a limited number of studio, lab, and performance-oriented courses offered on campus.

For Fall 2021, as experts foresee conditions for a safe return to campus with protective measures in place, we will offer a wide array of options for our students, including:

  • Traditional face-to-face classes
  • Fully online offerings
  • Remotely-taught classes (students attend class virtually at specific times)
  • Hybrid classes (part of class you will attend face-to-face and part will be conducted virtually, giving you the best of both worlds)

Our goal is to be responsive first and foremost to your safety and to your desire to learn. Please be assured that the University will always be monitoring public health conditions constantly and carefully and will adjust how we deliver classes as necessary to ensure safe learning conditions for you.