Ryan Poll points to the blackboard while teaching a class.

Noteworthy at Northeastern: Reading and recording history

COVID-19’s unprecedented global impact is historic. As such, the Ronald Williams Library wants to capture how this pandemic has affected University’s students by taking submissions for a new digital archive.

Photo of Northeastern students reading in a classroom.

Northeastern project interprets literature through the lens of COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic began changing everyday life at Northeastern Illinois University, Assistant Professor of English Ryan Poll looked to literature for answers and developed a series for PopMatters.

Photo of the book stacks at Northeastern's Ronald Williams Library

Northeastern’s students to shape University COVID-19 archive

Though the world is still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Northeastern Illinois University’s library is creating a digital archive that will seek to reflect how the pandemic impacted Northeastern students’ lives and how students have responded to this unprecedented time.

A cyclist pedals past a bike rack on a sunny day at NEIU.

Noteworthy at Northeastern: New programs and partnerships

As the summer term begins, Northeastern Illinois University has launched the NEIU English Institute and a new partnership with ASPIRA of Illinois.

Photo of the exterior sign of the Daniel L. Goodwin College of Education in silver against brown brick

Northeastern Illinois University and ASPIRA partner to increase Special Education teachers in Illinois

Northeastern Illinois University has entered into a new partnership with ASPIRA of Illinois to help ASPIRA teachers gain their Learning Behavior Specialist (LBS I) Endorsement over the summer.

Photo of a person's hands typing on a silver laptop computer

Northeastern announces new English Institute for non-credit courses

In an effort to make its English courses more accessible to working professionals and community members not seeking college credit, Northeastern Illinois University has created the NEIU English Institute.

Victoria smiles as she stands in front of her Biology poster presentation.

Noteworthy at Northeastern: Congratulations, 2020 graduates!

May Commencement was postponed, but we’re still excited to celebrate the Class of 2020! Meet one spring graduate who’s off to Yale, an alum who’s now a professor at Princeton and a Pulitzer Prize finalist, and an instructor who’s up for a Peabody award.

Eigo and Elsa Kudo from the Commission on the Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians (CWRIC) hearings panel on Japanese Peruvians.

Noteworthy at Northeastern: Preserving history

The Ronald Williams Library expanded its Japanese American Redress Collection, the 2020 Bernard J. Brommel Distinguished Research Professor award was announced, an assistant professor published his third book, and of course we can’t forget about celebrating the spring graduates!

The metal, inscribed University Orb rests atop a wooden pedestal

Chielozona Eze earns Northeastern research professor award

Professor of English Chielozona Eze has been honored with Northeastern Illinois University’s 2020 Bernard J. Brommel Distinguished Research Professor award.

Photo of the exterior of Northeastern's CCICS building surrounded by trees

Northeastern Assistant Professor Sunni Ali publishes book on the critical lessons hip-hop music teaches

Northeastern Illinois University Assistant Professor of Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies Sunni Ali published his third book, “Lessons Learned: Critical Conversation in Hip Hop and Social Justice.”