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Welcome to the NEIU Summer Bridge Program! This free program is designed to prepare incoming first-year students for college coursework and offers two sessions to strengthen their confidence in English and math.

If you are an incoming first-year student admitted for the upcoming fall semester, this free summer program will help you gain the skills needed to successfully place into at least one higher level math or English course for the fall semester. If you qualify, you may take one or both of the three-week sessions.

Here's why you should consider participating in the Summer Bridge Program before you begin classes this fall:

Save time and money

  • This free program can help you save up to $4,000 on tuition and fees.
  • Save time to graduation.
  • ​Free lunch provided daily.


  • Strengthen confidence in your English and math abilities.
  • Participating can help you successfully place into at least one higher level math or English course for the Fall 2018 semester.
  • Participating can help you build a strong English and math foundation, which will help you succeed in your future classes.


  • Participate in social events.
  • Interact with peer leaders, make new friends and form study groups.
  • Get to know faculty, staff and other students before you start in Fall 2018.
  • Get to know the NEIU campus.


  • The math workshops that you will participate in during the math sessions are modeled after the successful Peer Led Team Learning and Emerging Scholars Program models, which are nationally recognized for helping students succeed in mathematics.
  • Personalized action plans to help you succeed in math.

Do you stil have questions? Find out more information or get started now!