The Wentworth Scholars Program will assist students with a successful academic and social transition to the University by providing programs and services that create a sense of belonging, encourage student engagement and the development of cognitive and non-cognitive skills, support the identification of a clear academic and career path, and enhance student success. The program is named after Daniel S. Wentworth, the first principal of the Cook County Normal School that was founded in 1867 and later became Northeastern Illinois University. 


The Wentworth Scholars Program offers unique opportunities to learn, lead, and achieve. Students will have access to services and learning opportunities to help them achieve success at Northeastern Illinois University and beyond.

All Wentworth Scholars are expected to participate in the following exclusive enhancement programs and social programming for a total of four semesters:

  • Wentworth Scholars Induction Ceremony
  • Special welcome event
  • Achievement Agreement outlining support services and expectations
  • Monthly meetings with an advisor
  • Civic engagement activities
  • Peer Mentoring (implemented Fall 2016)
  • E-portfolio documentation of experience
  • Student development workshops (tentative workshop topics include): How to Succeed at NEIU, Using your Syllabi and Creating a Semester Overview, Building Habits for Success, The Habit of Learning Maintenance, Health and Wellness Plan, What is a Liberal Arts Education and How Can I Use it, Career Development Plan, Leadership Development Opportunities


As a result of participating in the Wentworth Scholars Program, students will have:

  • Increased knowledge of what it means to be a successful student at Northeastern Illinois University;
  • Strengthened sense of self-efficacy;
  • Higher level of satisfaction with their decision to attend NEIU;
  • Improved awareness and belief that the University is here to support their success as a student;
  • Increased knowledge of University resources;
  • Heightened ability to demonstrate self-advocacy skills;
  • Enhanced sense of civic leadership; 
  • Assembled a clear academic path; and
  • Formulated a career development plan