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You can support the Center of Health by purchasing items from our shop. All proceeds support our community and student-driven projects, services, and events.  

Women In Science Gear! 

The Women in Science Conference is a yearly event celebrating the wonderful women with careers in the sciences. Purchase a shirt or hat to show your support. 


Women in Science Hat - $25

Women in Science white hat  Women in Science blue hat

Women in Science Shirt - $20

Women in Science black t-shirt

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Purchasing Your Items

Want to show your support by purchasing an item? Make sure to fill out the form. If you purchase a shirt, please write the shirt number you wish to purchase in the same box as your t-shirt size. If you wish to have your items shipped to you instead of picking them up, please contact Cecilia Maldonado at 

Discover Our Women In Science T-Shirt Collection!

Check our Women In Science T-Shirts Collections from previous years. Each year, our Women In Science is dedicated to one field of science. If you want to purchase one of our Women In Science T-shirts from the previous year, please remember that supplies are limited. 

Women in Science t-shirt

Statistics: Women In Science 2024

Women in Science t-shirt

Public Health: Women In Science 2023

Women in Science t-shirt

Biological Anthropology: Women In Science 2022

Women in Science t-shirt

Biology: Women In Science 2021

Women in Science t-shirt

Chemistry: Women In Science 2019

Women in Science t-shirt

Mathematics: Women In Science 2018

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Please contact Cecilia Maldonado at for any questions or to arrange the shipping process for your Women In Science items.