Student makes model

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the ongoing pursuit, lifestyle and advancement of health by engaging, motivating, challenging and celebrating the health victories of our students, faculty and staff.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to elevate health and encourage wellness within the Northeastern community.

Our Team

  • Dr. Christina Ciecierski, Principal Investigator 
  • Dr. Lidia Filus, Principal Investigator
  • Dr. Joeli Brinkman, Site Director and Center Manager
  • Alicia Kholamian, Certified Community Health Educator
  • Nidia Bangloria, Financial Analyst
  • Susan Ryan, Evaluator
  • Samantha Condo, Data Analytics
  • Beverly Gonzalez, Biostatistician
  • Kylie Barron, Health Marketing Communications
  • Lauren Demaat, Administrative Assistant