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Can the Virtual Study HallS help me?

The Center of Health can provide more information on Virtual Study Hall (VSH) that is available to all NEIU students at no charge, and is a proven way to be more productive! The VSHs use the Pomodoro Technique and Body Doubling to help students boost productivity, retain information, and push through procrastination.

How does this work? 

We use the Zoom app, which is accessible by computer, smartphone, tablet, and landline. VSH sessions consist of two 45-minute work periods separated by a break. During the break, Zoom participants are not literally in the room together, but attendees feel their presence is the same. Knowing you will check in about your progress—and that support is there if you are stuck—makes all the difference.

How can I join the Virtual Study Halls?

Any participating students connect via Zoom. Come with tasks you want to accomplish. These can be homework assignments, like papers you need to read or write, or even chores at home that you have been procrastinating on: cleaning, sorting and filing paperwork, preparing tax documents, etc.

Will this improve my productivity? 

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo. A timer is used to break work periods into intervals with short breaks. It's no secret we are motivated by those around us. Plus, it's easier to get stuff done that we don’t want to do when we do it with someone else. And it's just more fun to work together. The concept of Body Doubling is just that. We get more work done and are more motivated and active when we surround ourselves with others who are motivated, active, and working. The Pomodoro Technique and Body Doubling are two models used frequently in the Center of Health's ADDA Achieves Program, a support program for NEIU students with ADHD.

What should I expect?

The session will begin with everyone stating aloud the task or tasks they wish to accomplish for the first 45-minute Pomodoro cycle. The student facilitator will start a timer for 45 minutes, and then everyone will get to work (put your mic on mute). After 45 minutes, we will reconvene for a progress check-in and brainstorm if someone is stuck in procrastination or distraction mode. The second session begins like the first. Everyone states aloud what they plan to work on for the last 45-minute session. A final progress check-in occurs after the final 45-minute session. 


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