If you are interested in studying abroad, download the Study Abroad Form and select at least three countries of your set destination. You will then make an appointment to meet with the Study Abroad advisor to discuss your aim and intentions. During the meeting you will get a detailed explanation of the entire application process. 

Study Abroad eligibility requirements: 

  • Must have a minimum cumulative 2.75 GPA to be eligible.  

  • Must have completed 36 college-level credits. 

  • Must have attended one academic year at Northeastern Illinois University.

    • Transfer students: Must be enrolled at least one semester at NEIU. 

Financial Aid

If you are receiving financial aid, you must complete the Financial Aid Worksheet. This will indicate how much money you will be awarded during that semester and how much you can apply toward the Study Abroad program. You must speak to a financial aid officer to determine those available funds. Once you determine that, submit the Financial Aid Worksheet to the Study Abroad advisor. 

Nomination and Application Process 

If you are eligible and/or have filled out the Financial Aid Worksheet, the Study Abroad advisor will nominate you to the partner university. Check your email as the partner university will contact you to fill out the application so you can receive the letter of admission. It is important that you check your email to complete the application in a timely manner, as partner universities have deadlines. If you missed the deadline, then you will no longer be able to study abroad until the following semester. Reach out to your Study Abroad advisor to make sure everything in the application is filled out correctly. 

  • Supporting documents needed: 

    • Partner university application 

    • Proof of financials: Students will need to demonstrate financial ability or sponsorship during the course of their stay abroad. These can be in form of official bank letters or bank statements.  

    • Passport 


During your nomination process, you should have obtained a passport or have submitted an application to obtain a passport. Obtaining a passport at the last minute can be costly for expedited services, or may require appointments with the passport agency. For more information visit travel.state.gov to learn how to apply for a passport. 

Course Approval 

Once you are admitted to the partner university, you will be able to view and choose courses through the partner university course catalog. You will be taking NEIU courses that match with the partner university courses. This allows the grade conversion when you come back to NEIU. We recommend you choose at least eight courses* that you want to take, in order to guarantee that you have flexibility in case some of the courses are no longer offered. Meet with the Study Abroad advisor to help you with enrollment. Once you have chosen your courses, print out each course description from the partner university catalog. Each course you have selected will need to be approved by the department chair or the program advisor through the Course Approval Form. Once you have all the Course Approval Forms filled out and signed, turn them in to the Study Abroad advisor. 

*Please note that not all universities will have courses taught in English. 


You will be in communication with your partner university in regard to your new living situation. You can stay at your partner university campus in their residence halls, rent an apartment outside the university, or stay with a host family through homestay. Once you have confirmed your living situation, obtain the address and lease agreement where you are staying. The proof of address and lease agreement will be needed when you apply for the student visa.  

Visa Procedure 

Depending on the country where you are studying abroad, you may be required to apply for and obtain a student visa. In order to obtain one, apply at the embassy of the country where you are studying. Visit travel.state.gov online and enter the travel destination to see if you need a student visa.  

Schengen visa: If you are studying abroad for three months, you can apply for the Schengen visa. If you are studying more than the three months, you must apply for a long-stay study visa at the prospective country. 

Documents required for visa:  

  • Visa application form

  • Passport photos. Please review the guidelines for the photograph requirements of the prospective country. 

  • Admission letter from partner university. 

  • Letter of enrollment: Request proof of NEIU enrollment and submit it to Enrollment Services.  

  • Health Insurance: You will be required to demonstrate health coverage during the length of stay abroad.  

  • Proof of Accommodation: It can be a Letter of Residence Abroad or a lease agreement (where the student will be staying for the duration of stay). 

  • Passport 

  • Financial documents/ letter of sponsorship 

  • Biometrics (fingerprints). Make an appointment in advance to have them ready for the visa interview.  

  • Background check. Depending on the country, you may be required to have an FBI background check. Review the guidelines of that country to see if it is needed. 

  • If applicable, flight information or round-trip flight itinerary. 

Once the visa is approved it will be placed on your passport. Apply as soon as possible as it can take two to three months to obtain a visa.  

Pre-Departure Meeting 

You are required to meet with the Study Abroad advisor and review the Study Abroad Academic Learning Agreement before you leave for your study abroad school. You will be informed of the role and responsibility while studying abroad.