How to Apply  

Step One – Get Nominated 

Before you can apply to be an exchange student at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU), your home institution must first nominate you. NEIU accepts ONLY those exchange program applications that are submitted to NEIU by the international advisor at your home institution. We will not accept applications that are directly submitted by a student. So please begin by going to your institution’s international office. 

Step Two – Email Confirmation 

After being nominated by your home institution, the international advisor in your home institution will notify the Office of International Program (OIP) at NEIU. Then we will send out the application packet via email to the student. If you did not receive any email from NEIU regarding the application packet, notify your international advisor at your home institution.

Step Three – Complete Application Packet 

Complete and submit the application packet and submit it via email** to be admitted as an exchange student at NEIU.

1.Application Form

All students must sign and submit the Exchange/Visiting Student Application Form .

Note:Students applying for a graduate program MUST submit a proof of 4 - year undergraduate transcripts.

2. Financial Statement 

Please carefully read, complete, and sign one of the following Financial Statement Forms (i.e., the one that fits your application category):  

To your form, please attach a letter in English from your bank proving you have enough available funds to finance your education while in the U.S.  The bank letter must be stamped and signed and should indicate the amount in U.S. dollars (or be accompanied by the bank's currency exchange rate for the day the letter is issued). Letters written in languages other than English, Spanish and French must be translated by a sworn translator. 

3.Add/Drop Courses Acknowledgement Form 

All students must complete the Add/Drop Courses Acknowledgement Form

Note: All exchange students must be enrolled full - time.  If you are not paying any tuition to NEIU, then you must take only 12 credits (i.e.,four classes) as an undergraduate student, or only 9 credits (three classes) if you are a graduate student. If you are paying 75% tuition to NEIU you may take more than the above number of credits.  

**Submit the application packet by email to Ms Claudia Gonzalez at You will receive an email confirming NEIU has received your documents. Then after about two weeks you will receive an email indicating your admission decision.  

Step Four– Obtaining DS-2019

After getting admitted to NEIU, the next step is to obtain the admission letter and the DS-2019 Form. Once your DS-2019 and admission letter is ready, it will be sent to your international advisor in your home institution via mail.

NEIU’s Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO), who currently is Ms Claudia Gonzalez, will issue you a DS-2019 Form, also known as the “Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status.” This form states your name, address, program of study, the financials you presented, and the duration of your stay. This form is the official document used by the US Department of State that will permit you to get an interview with the U.S. embassy or consulate, to obtain a J-1 exchange student visa. 

Deadline to Submit Application and Supporting Documents: 

 NEIU operates using three semesters (i.e., fall, spring and summer).  The deadlines by which to submit all of the above information are: 

  • May 15 for fall (begins no later August and finishes in mid-December) 

  • September 15 for spring (begins early January and ends early May) 

  • February 15 for summer (begins mid-May and ends in mid-August)