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Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) partners with select academic institutions around the world.  Such partnerships allow students to begin their studies in their home country and then to transfer to NEIU.  Each partnership is structured differently, but all provide unique benefits to students from our partner institutions. Open the link below to learn about the specific nature of the partnership with your institution.

iFEEL Partnership

Institute for Future Education building

Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) has a partnership with Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship and Leadership (iFEEL) which allows students in the iFEEL MBA and MS in Computer Science programs to transfer to NEIU to complete their master’s degree and earn an NEIU diploma.  iFEEL students who meet NEIU’s admissions standards are guaranteed admission after completing their first year at iFEEL. Check with your iFEEL academic advisor to learn more. the partnership provides for a unique admission processes and a special tuition rate.

Before transferring to NEIU, iFEEL students will need to apply to NEIU and receive a letter of admission from NEIU.  The admissions letter will allow the student to begin the process of obtaining an I-20, which is a prerequisite to obtain a F-1 student visa to study in the United States.