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Training and experience in a specific work sector

Please check the box of the sector in which you would like to serve:

Note: Actual Peace Corps assignments are based on local needs, and thus may or may not align seamlessly with your qualifications. Flexibility is key to the Peace Corps experience!

Note: The courses you include on this application may change, but it’s good to have a plan.

World language skills

Requirements depend upon your desired Peace Corps volunteer placement site. (1) Latin America/ Spanish-speaking countries require that you take two, 200-level courses. (2) West Africa/ French-speaking countries require that you take one, 200-level course in any Romance Language. (3) Everywhere else, there is no explicit language requirements, however language skills are a plus. NEIU’s department of World Languages offers courses in 15 different languages and the Office of International programs offers the opportunity to study abroad in over 20 different counties, including some in which the Peace Corp sends volunteers.

Intercultural competence

Professional and leadership development

For example, leading a work or volunteer project, serving on the executive board of a student organization, or organizing a big campus event.