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The University Without Walls (UWW) is a degree program that leads to a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. UWW recognizes learning that occurs outside of the traditional classroom. Students work with an academic advisor, a community advisor and the UWW advisor to design an individualized curriculum.

Graduation is based on demonstrated competencies, rather than credit hours completed.


Prospective applicants to UWW attend a Prospective Student Meeting (PSM). See dates and times.

Admission to UWW begins with submission of a Narrative Application that includes:

  • Autobiographical statement
  • Prior and proposed learning in the Depth Area
  • Prior and proposed learning in the Breadth Areas
  • Prior and proposed learning in Effective Communication
  • Documentation of prior learning
  • Official transcripts from all previously attended institutions--sealed, paper transcripts
  • Official high school or GED transcripts (if applicable: please see the Academic Catalog for details)

UWW prospective students are required to attend a prospective student meeting prior to submitting their Narrative Application.

When the Narrative Application is approved, applicants submit the following to be accepted to Northeastern:

  • Northeastern Illinois University application, obtained from NDP office
  • $30 application fee

For general Northeastern admission requirements, the Admissions Office helps new and returning students through the application process. In addition, the Transfer Center assists transfer and veteran students with transitioning to our campus.

UWW New Student Orientation Workshops

  • TBA

Narrative Application Deadlines

  •  Fall 2022 application deadline: June 1, 2022

All interested individuals should email to schedule a PSM.


Each UWW student works with an Academic Advisor who is an NEIU faculty member or administrator with knowledge in the student’s academic concentration.

The Academic Advisor

  • assists the student with the development of the Learning Contract
  • helps students develop Independent Study and, if necessary, choose courses 
  • ensures documentation of all learning
  • evaluates and approves the Learning Contract and Semester Reports
  • provides written feedback on Independent Study and progress toward degree each semester
  • assists the student in preparation for the Graduation Review Board and is an integral member of the Review Board.

Each UWW student also works with an off-campus Community Advisor who has professional and/or academic expertise in the student’s academic concentration. 

The Community Advisor

  • acts as a resource person for the Depth Area
  • helps design the Learning Contract
  • evaluates Semester Reports
  • serves as a member of the Graduation Review Board.

The Faculty Advisor for University Without Walls is Lorilene Cuevas.

Learning Contract

The Learning Contract addresses prior and proposed learning in each of UWW’s three programmatic areas: depth, breadth and effective communication. 

Graduation Review Board

Academic requirements of a student's UWW program are determined by the Graduation Review Board. Graduation is based on demonstrated learning outcomes, not credit hours. A Graduation Review Board at the Review Board Hearing examines the student’s completed work and determines if the student has fulfilled all academic requirements. The upcoming UWW Graduate Review Board Workshops are as follows:


The Semester Report

The Semester Report details and documents learning accomplished each semester and is accompanied by documentation of the learning. The report is reviewed and signed by both advisors and submitted to the UWW Program Office by the established deadline.  


Documented evidence of competence is the key to the UWW program.  

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