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Prepare for a career in teaching math and science through Northeastern’s MSTQE program.

The Office of Math, Science, and Technology for Quality Education (MSTQE) uniquely incorporates both mathematics and science content in its Math and Science Concepts Minor. With a strong commitment to preparing pre-service teachers to teach math and general science at the Elementary and Middle Level, MSTQE’s minor offers courses leading to the minor and to an Elementary and Middle Level endorsement in Mathematics and General Science.

MSTQE provides a unique opportunity for students to earn the minor by:

  • providing early field experiences
  • a block schedule format for students to take courses back-to-back
  • small class sizes
  • the ability to connect with students from Wright and Truman Colleges

MSTQE is a Bridge program where students from Wright and Truman take the courses here at Northeastern but identify with the Chicago City Colleges (CCC) as their “home” institution. Not only are Northeastern and CCC students taking courses together, but they are given the opportunity to interact with faculty from both institutions, as well.

For community college students, the MSTQE courses they take at Northeastern:

  • can be applied toward their associate degree
  • will also transfer to Northeastern
  • fulfill both general education requirements in math and science
  • fulfill the MSTQE minor requirements

It is our commitment to prepare our students to be able to effectively teach future K-8 students in math and science. We offer courses that cover the content they will be responsible to teach, in addition to providing them with early field experiences such as, judging local and regional science fairs, working with current teachers and MSTQE alumni and their current students, and opportunities to create interdisciplinary projects that show the connection between math and science.

Students taking courses in MSTQE’s minor develop a multifaceted understanding of math and science. This enriching perspective is well suited for those interested in becoming a teacher of elementary/middle school math and science or looking to go into teaching in the informal sector.