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Prepare for a career in teaching math and science through Northeastern’s MSTQE program.

The Math and Science Concepts minor, also known as Math, Science and Technology for Quality Education (MSTQE), is designed to develop a community of undergraduate students who share interests in interdisciplinary STEM fields. With a strong commitment to preparing pre-service teachers to teach math and general science at the elementary and middle level, the program will help students develop deep and broad literacy in math, physical and life sciences, and technology.

To speak with an advisor about creating a course plan to fulfill requirements of the MSTQE minor, contact Students pursuing a bachelor's in Elementary Education, Middle Level Education or other education major should contact the Goodwin College of Education (GCOE) Undergraduate Advisor that corresponds with the major for further support with general education and GCOE requirements.

The program emphasizes observation, mathematical reasoning, scientific inquiry, technology, collaborative group work, connections to real-world problems, and service learning. The courses in the Math and Science Concepts minor focus on content knowledge and pedagogy. Several of the math and science courses are block scheduled which allows faculty members to integrate their content and develop joint interdisciplinary assignments and projects. In partnership with Wilbur Wright College, any City Colleges of Chicago student may participate in science and math courses at Northeastern Illinois University while earning their associate's degree.

For community college students, MSTQE courses they take at Northeastern:

  • can be applied toward their associate degree
  • fulfill general education requirements in math and science
  • fulfill the Math and Science Concepts minor requirements

It is our commitment to prepare our students to be able to effectively teach K-8 students in math and science. The MSTQE program offers courses that cover the content they will be responsible to teach and opportunities to create interdisciplinary projects that show the connection between math and science.

Most students in the program major in Elementary Education or Middle Level Education and go on to become teachers. Others go on to work in informal educational settings such as museums, libraries, zoos or environmental agencies. The Math and Science Concepts minor incorporates current Illinois State Board of Education content standards in math and science for educators.

The MSTQE program fully embraces diversity as a valuable resource, strength and asset, and utilizes culturally relevant pedagogy as well as incorporates issues of equity and social justice into coursework. Students are encouraged to voice their opinions, suggestions and perspectives for strengthening and improving the program. The program is inclusive and respectful, which allows us to create equity in our learning experiences and teaching practices by developing leadership skills at all levels. Students finish the program highly qualified to advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion as future teachers of math, science and technology.