Meet our Research Team

Photo of Dr. Sharon L. Bethea

Dr. Sharon L. Bethea

Dr. Sharon L. Bethea is the coordinator of African and African American Studies as well as a professor in the Department of Counselor Education at Northeastern Illinios University. Research interests include resiliency of inner city youth, African centered counseling paradigms, social and cultural diversity in counseling, counselor identity development, Oakland Freedom Schools, adolescent civic engagement and study abroad. 

Photo of Dr. Chielozona Eze

Dr. Chielozona Eze

Dr. Chielozona Eze is a professor of English at Northeastern Illinois University and a Professor Exraordinarie in the English Departement at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Research interests include narrative theory, globalization and cultures and feminism in global contexts. He has written extensively on such topics as cosmopolitanism, empathy, human rights and social justice. He is the author of numerous journal articles and five books: Justice and Human Rights in the African Imagination: We, Too, Are Humans” (Routledge, 2021), “Race, Decolonization, and Global Citizenship in South Africa” (Rochester, New York: The University of Rochester Press, 2018); “Ethics and Human Rights in Anglophone African Women's Literature - Feminist Empathy” (2016); “Postcolonial Imagination and Moral Representations in African Literature and Culture” (2011); and “The Dilemma of Ethnic Identity: Alain Locke’s Vision of Transcultural Societies” (2005). Eze also is the recipient of fellowship awards from the Stellenbosch Institute of Advanced Study (2015) and the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program (2016), and Extraordinary Professor, Stellenbosch University, South Africa (2019-2021). Eze was also the recipient of Northeastern Illinois University's 2020 Bernard J. Brommel Distinguished Research Professor award

Photo of Dr. Alfred Frankowski

Dr. Alfred Frankowski

Dr. Alfred Frankowski is associate professor in the Department of Philosophy at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale Illinois. His research is in Critical Race Theory, Post-Colonialism, 19th and 20th Century European Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Genocide Studies. He is author of "The Post-Racial Limits of Memorialization: Toward a Political Philosophy of Mourning" (Rowman & Littlefield, 2015) and co-editor of "Critical Perspectives on African Genocide: Memory, Silence and Anti-Black Political Violence" (Rowman & Littlefield, 2021). 

Photo of Dr. Jermaine O. McCalpin

Dr. Jermaine O. McCalpin

Dr. Jermaine O. McCalpin is the chair of the African & African American Studies Program at New Jersey City University. He is an internationally recognized expert and consultant on transitional justice, genocides and reparations. He has traveled to South Africa, Cambodia, Armenia and across the U.S. and Canada researching and presenting on the Armenian genocide, the transatlantic trade in Africans and reparations, truth commissions and issues of justice. Dr. McCalpin specializes in Africana political philosophy, Caribbean political thought, and transitional justice. His research interests include truth commissions, commissions of enquiry and political accountability, reparations for historic injustice such as slavery, Native American and Armenian genocides. His most recent publications are the co-edited volume "Caribbean Reasonings: Rupert Lewis and the Black Intellectual Tradition" (Ian Randle Publishers, 2018) and "Carribbean Reasonings: Freedom, Power and Sovereignity: The Thought of Gordon K. Lewis" with Brian Meeks (Ian Randle Publishers, 2015), "Written into Amnesia?: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Grenada" in the Journal of Social and Economic Studies September 2013, "Reparations and the Politics of Avoidance in America" in the Armenian Review, Spring 2013 and "Truth and Freedom in Haiti: An Examination of the Haitian Truth Commission" in The Global South, Spring 2012.

Photo of Dr. Manar Mohaisen

Dr. Manar Mohaisen

Dr. Manar Mohaisen is an assistant professor of Computer Science at Northeastern Illinios University. Research interests include system security, wireless communication and network analysis. 

Photo of Dr. Theophilus (T.Y.) Okosun

Dr. Theophilus (T.Y.) Okosun

Dr. Theophilus (T.Y.) Okosun is a Profesor Emeritus of Justice Studies at Northeatern Illinois University. Research interests include social justice, social inequalities, global justice and peace, political governance, race and racialism, conflict transformation, transformative justice, and justice as compassion. 

Photo of Dr. Cris E. Toffolo

Dr. Cris E. Toffolo

Dr. Chris E. Toffelo is the Interim Director of International Programs at Northeastern Illinois University. She served as chair of NEIU's Justice Studies Department for 10 years. A scholar of political theory, human rights and peace education, Toffelo has studied and taught in various countries in the Global South, an opportunity which began by being selected as Alma College’s African Fellow in 1981 to teach at Mayflower School in Nigeria. She has conducted research in Rwanda and South Africa. In 2016, she delivered a conference keynote in Sierra Leone on how education can help to stabilize peace processes. In 2017, her former students asked her to keynote an international meeting of Mayflower alumni. Toffelo’s community work includes serving Amnesty International in various capacities and helping to found the Truth-Telling Project for Ferguson and Beyond. Her most recent publication is "Handbook of Research on Promoting Peace through Practice, Academia, and the Arts" which was co-edited with Mohamed Walid Lotfy" (IGI Global, 2019). Other publications include "The Arab League"  (Chelsea House, 2007). She also edited the book "Emancipating Cultural Pluralism" (SUNY Press, 2003). 

Photo of Dr. Isidore A. Udoh

Dr. Isidore A. Udoh

Dr. Isidore A. Udoh is an Associate Professor of Health Sciences and Physical Education at Northeastern Illinois University. Research interests include health disparities, disease prevention, natural resources extraction, conflicts and health, ecological determinants of health, international education and international virtual learning exchange. Udoh has co-designed and taught collaborative classes with colleagues in Nigeria, Liberia and Egypt. He is developing a new virtual exchange curriculum with colleagues in Morocco.

Photo of Dr. Germina Nadège Veldwachter

Dr. Germina Nadège Veldwachter

Dr. Germina Nadège Veldwachter is an associate professor of Francophone Literatures and Cultures at Purdue University. Veldwachter’s research interests include literary sociology, globalization, translation, postcolonial historiography and genocide studies. Her articles have been published in scientific journals such as Cahiers d’études africaines, Literary Studies, Research in African Literatures, and Modern Language Notes. She is the author of "Literature francophone et mondialisation" (Karthala, 2012). Her current research examines the Second World War and the Holocaust from a Caribbean perspective.