Instructions for Submitting a Proposal

Proposal documentation

To have a presentation considered for the 2022 Genocide and Human Rights Research in Africa and the Diaspora (GHRAD) Conference, please use the webform below to submit:

  • An abstract of no more than 200 words 
  • A brief biography (150 words maximum)
  • A short CV (1 page maximum)
  • Your full contact information including your title, institution and email

All materials must be submitted electronically via webform. 

Presentation topics

Suggested presentation topics include:

  • Strategies of genocide prevention
  • Anti-genocide education
  • Resisting preparations for genocide
  • Ubuntu and genocide prevention
  • Resistance to mass violence
  • Mitigating conflict during genocide
  • Remembering the courageous
  • Honoring known & unknown heroes/heroines
  • Celebrating acts of solidarity
  • Compassion & kindness during and after genocide
  • Rays of hope during genocide
  • Peace purveyors during genocide
  • Individual and/or community courage during genocide
  • Solidarity with the oppressed during genocide
  • Community-led advocacy
  • Community solidarity strategies
  • Community responsibility during genocide

Proposal Deadline

The deadline for submissions is Oct. 1, 2021.Presentation proposals will be reviewed from the submission deadline through Dec. 1. Presenters will be notified of their proposal acceptance thereafter.


Should you have questions about submitting proposals, please contact or (773) 442-5772.

Call for Papers

150 words/ 1110 characters (including spaces) maximum
200 words/ 1425 character (including spaces) maximum.