Students working in a science lab
Welcome to Creating Access to STEM for All (CASA), a new program at Northeastern funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

CASA is a STEM focused learning community for all students considering STEM fields. If you are curious about STEM, you should consider joining our community. You do not need to commit to a STEM major to join our program, we will help expose you to the various STEM fields through our general education courses and other experiences. Our program will help you build a STEM perspective that can be applied to any major at NEIU. Our community provides support in all aspects of life from school to work and everything in between. We honor students with all backgrounds. Our diversity makes our community richer, stronger and more fun. 

Our Program

CASA begins in the first year of study at Northeastern. It combines general education courses and a STEM-focused seminar to create a learning community among peers. CASA has:

  • A dedicated program advisor
  • A learning community that honors all backgrounds and cultures
  • Access to faculty and staff to support and mentor you 
  • A seminar course to provide you with the opportunity to build community and explore careers in STEM 
  • A 2-3 semester math pathway that will get you to and through your first math requirement for your major including calculus, which is required for most STEM majors.)

Program Benefits

There are many great reasons to participate in CASA. Students who join:

  • Benefit from STEM-focused general education courses in their first and second years at Northeastern
  • Become a part of a cohort, or group, of like-minded students interested in STEM
  • Receive priority registration and holistic one-on-one advising with a dedicated program advisor
  • Connect with faculty in both STEM and non-STEM disciplines to provide mentorship for successful course and degree completion
  • Participate in STEM career exploration and early research experience

Contact Us

For more information and any questions about CASA, please contact Brittany Pines at


CASA is supported through the U.S. Department of Education Title V Award #P031S200083