At the high school level, Caminos Al Éxito aims to engage and support the transition of students into college by assisting at each of their stages of the college enrollment process.

We will engage, advise and support Wright students transferring to NEIU and assure they are well connected to resources needed for college success.

NEIU admitted students will continue to receive the academic support needed for college success, such as mentoring and academic support.

Students in the program will receive the following services:

  • FSA ID Sign-Up (ISAC certified)
  • FAFSA Completion & Award Letter Review
  • Tips & Tricks for Scholarships 
  • College Readiness & Transition Workshops
  • College 101 Tips from Undergrads
  • Support Senior Action Days
  • Financial Education Workshops
  • 2+2 Transfer Programs

Caminos al Éxito’s guiding principle for programmatic delivery is centered around our C.O.D.E. (Conocimiento, Oportunidades, Dignidad, y Equidad).

  • Conocimiento
    • Understanding of the communities we serve
    • Integrity and authenticity among institutions and partners 
  • Oportunidades
    • Consistency and alignment to the practices from the abstract to those which are enacted and institutionalized
  • Dignidad
    • Intentionality of the practices, respectful language, and understanding of communities
    • Personalization (individualized, small, and/or large group)
    • Modality (virtual, in-person, and/or hybrid)
    • Language (English, Spanish, and/or bilingual) 
    • Convenience (on campus and/or in the community as well as day of the week and time) 
  • Equidad 
    • Ensuring our practices are equitable
    • Consistent trajectory of improvement towards retention and graduation
    • Commitment to closing the retention and graduation gaps for students