Caminos al Éxito is not allowed to recruit students per USDE regulations.

High School Support

We aim to develop trusting relationships over time with key stakeholders (students, families and schools) to support match/fit future decision-making; we are woven into the fabric of schools. Our team provides three types of engagement with our CPS high schools: regular communication, standing invitations and/or intensive support.

  • Regular Communication
    • Regular check-ins
    • Most interaction is provided for the NEIU and Wright enrollment process
  • Standing Invitation
    • Regular participation in the Postsecondary Leadership Team (PLT) or though a designated liaison
    • Support is provided during school- and district-wide initiatives (i.e. FAFSA nights, Collective Days of Action, etc.) for application, enrollment, and transitions/orientations
    • Invitations from the Éxito team to participate in special events for students and their families
    • Schools: Lane, Taft, Von Stuben
  • Intensive Support
    • 1:1 student and or family meetings
    • Regularly facilitating classroom groups, etc
    • Up to one day (five hours) a week in a school
    • Schools: Amundsen, Foreman, Mather, Roosevelt, Schurz and Steinmitz

Caminos al Éxito support and sponsored events come at no cost to the school. Support and outreach includes  students and families, and school administrators, counselors and teachers.

We host events in schools and communities, as well as bring people to NEIU in order to highlight locations, programs, and increase interest and accessibility. We frequently engage and partner with other city-wide organizations including City College of Chicago (CCC) Navigators, GEAR UP College Transition Team and the CCC undocumented round table.

College Support

We seek to build a system to support transition, financial awareness, and career goal- setting and preparation for transfer students.