What do I earn?

A content minor in Math and Science Concepts (MSTQE) and endorsements in Mathematics and Science (with the option of adding Social Studies and Language Arts)

How are courses structured?

Courses are taught in a block schedule and are to be taken concurrently to demonstrate interdisciplinary connections. Courses are taught through inquiry and experience based learning, direct instruction, modeling and individual/collaborative research. The various teaching styles of the MSTQE faculty reflect the model that is most successful in classrooms and working with diverse adolescents.

What is MSTQE?

MSTQE is a minor program and cohort of students looking to teach math and science. Education majors may use the minor to meet the content course requirements of the Illinois State Board of Education in math, life, and physical science. In addition, the Math and Science Concepts Minor is accepted by the College of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences as a recognized content minor.

What is expected of me?

As part of the MSTQE cohort, you are considered to be professional in a field of education and treated as such. In addition to scheduled class time, students are expected to participate in meaningful professional developments, service learning and advisories until completion of the program.

What is a "Bridge" program?

Students who are part of Wright or Truman Chicago City College can register through their identified City College, pay City College prices but attend class at NEIU. All courses fulfill University general education requirements in math and science and MSTQE minor requirements and students are able to use the courses to fulfill Associate’s Degree requirements. If you are not part of the “Bridge” partnership but are registered through a Chicago City College, please email Billie Kersh at b-kersh@neiu.edu.

Do I need to apply to the MSTQE minor program?

No. There is no formal application. In order to be eligible, you must have completed English 101 and have earned a C or better and make an appointment to see the MSTQE Program Advisor, Billie Kersh at b-kersh@neiu.edu.

Do I need to be in The College of Education in order to be a part of MSTQE?

No. You may be a part of the MSTQE minor program at any point in your college journey. You can take MSTQE courses concurrently with University general education courses and/or College of Education professional courses.