MSTQE is designed for undergraduate students interested in developing deep and broad-based literacy in math, physical and life sciences, and technology. Most students in the program major in education and many elect to become teachers of math and general science. Others go on to teach in informal education, in museums, libraries, environmental education and other venues.

The structure of the MSTQE program is unique in that it is a “bridge” partnership with the City Colleges of Chicago. Faculty and students from Wright College, Truman College, and other campuses come to NEIU to teach and study together. The goal is to create a pipeline of diverse candidates who become effective teachers of math, science, and technology.

Getting Started in MSTQE

  • Students may demonstrate that they are eligible for MSTQE by completing Math 121 (MATH-149) and Math 122 (MATH-150) with a grade of C or better. Recommendations and referrals from math instructors will also be considered.
  • Students must be eligible to take (or have completed) ENGL-101 or have a recommendation from an English instructor.
  • Students complete an advising appointment with the MSTQE Program director and commit to participate in all program requirements.

Please contact Billie Díaz at for the most up-to-date information.



*May take Math 122 and Math 127 concurrently with a referral from a math instructor

Bridge Courses:

  • Math 127 MST - Geometry Concepts for Educators (MATH-280)
  • Physical Science 112 MST - Physics Concepts for Educators (PHYS-108)
  • Chemistry 121 MST - Chemistry Concepts for Educators (CHEM-108)
  • Math 126 MST - Algebra Concepts for Educators (MATH-145)
  • Biology 114 MST - Biology for Educators (BIOS-110)

NOTE: For community college students, you must be admitted to NEIU to enroll in the following courses:

  • CS 108 - Computer Science for All 
  • MATH 380 - Calculus Concepts for Educators
  • BIOS-310 - Ecology Concepts for Educators
  • MATH 381 - Discrete Math Concepts for Educators