Starting in Fall 2023, Faculty Success by Watermark will be utilized by faculty to build their portfolios. Tenure track faculty new to Northeastern, in their first, second, third and fourth years, as well as those for Full Professor or Professional Advancement Increase will be required to use Faculty Success. 

Faculty who are are in year five or going for promotion to Associate and tenure will still have the ability to utilize Tk20 in the remaining years until they are promoted (through Summer 2024) or these individuals do have the ability to transition to Faculty Success as well.

Faculty Success has two modules to streamline the process.

The first module is called Faculty Success Accomplishments, which will allow faculty to build their accomplishments continually without having to wait for a 'portfolio' or 'template' to be set up each year. Benefits of using this tool include:

  • No more tables that have to be manually created
  • Courses will be auto-populated by Faculty Success admins
  • Course Evaluation Results (with those with seven or more students) will be auto-populated at the end of each semester
  • All information is entered using a form-like tool similar to a Google Form

The second module is called Faculty Success RPT (Reviews, Promotion and Tenure) module. This module is deployed to a subset of faculty who are pursuing promotion, tenure or to be retained. This module is what opens the process for writing narratives for each area, teaching, research and service.

Important Dates

Promotion to Associate, Tenure, Promotion to Professor and PAI are due Oct. 5, 2023, at 11:59 p.m.

Retention Portfolios are Jan. 4, 2024, at 11:59 p.m.

2023 Formal Evaluation Memorandum and Schedule

Watermark Tools/Guides

  • A General Overview Faculty Success Accomplishments by Watermark.
  • One of the helpful tools that is Curriculum Vitae Importer Tool which allows you to upload your Word/PDF CV to help build your portfolio. A guide and and video of this process can reviewed.
  • Your research publications can be imported from a BibTex file that various external applications can generate, e.g. Google Scholar, EndNote, RefWorks, etc. and that process can reviewed.

NEIU Processes and Technology Guides

Support matrix

Training Schedule

During these first first two years of implementing this application there will be numerous trainings that will be conducted for those faculty working within the application as well as all the different stages of reviewers to be knowledgeable in the system. Zoom links will be provided via Nmail calendar invitations based on individuals who are directly effected by this change, e.g. if you are first- or second-year faculty member you will get a Zoom invitation for that session.

Please attempt to RSVP to Nmail calendar invitations so we can determine participation. All sessions will be conducted via Zoom. Each session will be remain open for 15 minutes; however, if no one joins the session will be concluded for the day.

The training schedule for 2024-2025 will be posted by mid-September 2024.