Bachelor of Social Work & Master of Social Work

Time Logs

All students participating in practicum must record their hours within SL&L. Hours logged within the system will need to be approved by their site supervisor(s) to be counted towards the hours needed to become licensed. The hours needed for licensing vary based on the program and course enrolled.


At the end of every semester there is an evaluation that the site supervisor completes and is available approximately one month prior to the end of the classes for a given semester. Fall evaluations open by Nov. 5 and are due by Dec. 5. Spring evaluations open by April 5 and are due by May 5. Failure for the site to complete the evaluation of their student intern could result in the student not passing or receiving an incomplete for that semester.

At the conclusion of either program students will have a program exit survey to complete as well as other evaluations pertaining to the student's experience.

Key/CSWE Assessments

The BSW program has a few Key Assessments completed during practicum that are required by CSWE to maintain our accreditation that need to be completed during the student's practicum experience. Your site liaison/NEIU instructor will provide you details of these during your field seminar.

How-To Guides

The how-to guides below are to assist site supervisors (non-NEIU employees).

Support Matrix

All support of the BSW and MSW program students and site supervisors should start with the liaison/university supervisor. If needed, they will escalate the concern to the next level when appropriate.