Below are resources to help build and refine program assessment. For questions, or to schedule a meeting for a one-on-one meeting, contact Emily Booms at

Mapping Program and University Goals

Writing an Assessment Report

Handouts and Presentations

Tk20 Guides

Embedded course-based assessment is one of the easiest ways to collect and analyze data for program assessment. As a program, you decide which course(s) and provide a rubric to the Tk20 Administrator. Once the everything is setup you can have it embedded in your D2L course shell or just work with it within Tk20.

If program is new to Tk20 process, please complete this Google Form so we have all the details we need to complete your key assessment process.

Course-Based Assessment Student Guides

Course-Based Assessment Instructor Guides

The technological process for completing the annual assessment report have be found in this video tutorial.


Below are links to many different rubrics developed within and outside of Northeastern. These are provided as a resource for developing rubrics for your program. All files are in Microsoft Word format to allow easy access for editing and developing to suit your program.

General Education rubrics, a collection of rubrics developed by Northeastern faculty to assess broad skills and knowledge:

VALUE rubrics, developed by the Association of American Colleges and Universities. Read more information about these rubrics.

A collection business and management of rubrics developed by Northeastern’s College of Business and Technology:

Rubrics from other institutions: