Scholar with Faculty

Faculty Mentor Responsibilities

1. Research

  • Assist in the creation of the research model or design
  • Assist in the development of a research proposal
  • Oversee the conduct of the research
  • Guide the data analysis and write-up of results
  • Assist in the development of a problem statement for research
  • Assist with the presentation of research (including practice sessions)
  • Attend faculty mentor orientation session

2. Graduate School

  • Assist with the identification of potential graduate programs
  • Attend at least one professional conference with student
  • Assist with the process of selecting graduate programs
  • Assist in the application process
  • Write letters of recommendation and assist with seeking financial aid
  • Assist in the final selection of a graduate program

3. General Participation in the Program

  • Academic advising
  • Interaction and support
  • Assist student in formulation of professional goals
  • Meet with the student several times each semester

Download Mentor Handbook

Thank you for becoming a Scholar’s mentor! Your guidance helps the Scholars to achieve their best potential. This handbook is designed to guide your mentorship tenure. It describes the need for McNair programs around the country, the specific services of our program and the role of NEIU Scholar’s mentors. It also include useful tips and important forms that you will need during this process.

Download the Handbook