McNair graduate receive their diplomas

Once a McNair Scholar, Always a McNair Scholar

We are very proud of our alumni Scholars and are continuously amazed at their achievements. As a graduate of NEIU, we understand that the possibilities before you are numerous, rewarding and challenging. Like you, Dr. Ronald E. McNair met challenges in his life with intelligence, perseverance, and a commitment to personal and academic excellence. We encourage you to keep pursuing graduate studies that culminate in a doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in your area of interest. To this end, and whenever possible, we are available for support and assistance. 

Giving Back

One of the most significant contributions you can make as a McNair alumnus is to keep in contact with us as you move on in the upcoming years. Please keep us informed of your professional and personal achievements through our alumni tracking forms

Some scholars have been generous enough to donate to our program. If you would like to donate you can go to the NEIU Foundation and make a donation specifically for the NEIU McNair Program.

Keep Connected

If you would like to know about your fellow Scholars, read the NEIU McNair newsletter, which publishes an Alumni Update. If you are not receiving a printed copy of the newsletter, just us an email with your current address.  

Sometimes the program brings back alumni scholars to share their experiences with current students. If you are interested on sharing about your graduate school or professional experience, send us an email to

update info

We love to hear about our Scholars! Besides keeping the Department of Education informed about your educational achievements and ensuring the future of the program at NEIU, your information allows us to share news with other NEIU Scholars and keep connected.

To update us, please complete and submit our update form.