McNair Scholars can take advantage of the following:

  • Faculty mentoring and academic, career and personal guidance throughout undergraduate degree completion
  • Informational seminars and workshops on a variety of topics including assistance in applying for financial support, fellowships and grants for graduate school
  • Participation in a summer research internship and a research stipend
  • GRE preparation fee waivers, preparation class and test fee reduction waivers
  • Assistance in researching, identifying and applying to graduate schools
  • Paid travel expenses for graduate school visits and to present research at professional conferences

Faculty Mentoring

The faculty mentor’s role is to guide the student in the conduct of his/her research project from the initial conceptualization, through data collection, to the writing of a final report and completing a paper/poster for presentation at a symposium or a professional meeting. The role of the faculty mentor is not limited to research activities. Mentors also provide academic advising, support and letters of recommendation. Mentors assist the Scholars in the formulation of professional goals related to advanced study and ultimately to the achievement of those goals.


Time Management Skills

This workshop will be interactive as students are given information on creating habits of success as they relate to the semester, the week and the day. Additionally, material will be presented that will benefit the student going into graduate school.

Library and Computer Skills

This workshop is designed to prepare Scholars on how to use and find materials needed to conduct research. Scholars are assigned a library mentor to provide them with assistance in utilizing library resources. They become familiar with database engines to retrieve information in addition to learning to how to use PowerPoint to effectively present their research.

Interviewing Skills

This workshop is designed to provide Scholars with tips on how to interview for graduate school, internships, and employment opportunities. Information is given on how to conduct phone and in-person interviews, and examples of common interviewing questions are reviewed. Resources are provided for Scholars on how to prepare for an interview, how to research companies, and how to succeed during an interview.

Resume Writing

This workshop is designed to provide Scholars with information on how to write resumes for employment opportunities and graduate school. Scholars are given material on different types of resumes and their intended purposes. Internet and book resources are also provided to Scholars for additional assistance.

Critical Thinking and Writing Skills

This workshop is designed to provide Scholars with advice on how to develop intellectual habits and critical thinking skills. It focuses on elements of thought, intellectual standards, and developing a perspective on critical thinking. Furthermore, Scholars are provided with information on how to write at the graduate level and are given tips on what to include when writing personal statements.


One of the advantages of the McNair Scholars Program is the opportunity to conduct research with a faculty mentor. The research component is central to the program and a key aspect in preparation for graduate study.

This component results in a major research project identified during the junior yearprepared for by attending a course on developing a research thesisand conducted over eight weeks during the summer preceding the senior year. Each Scholar works closely with their mentor to identify a research topic, formulate research questions, and develop a research design. Students receive a stipend of $2,800 for participation in summer research, which requires a 40 hour per week commitment. Faculty members who participate in the program also receive a stipend for their research activities.

Upon completion of the research, each Scholar writes an article for submission to the McNair Scholars Program, and scholars are encouraged to seek publication and present their papers at regional and national conferences. In some cases, Scholars and McNair Scholars Program staff will identify research opportunities at national Research I and Research II institutions who have agreed to provide research experiences to NEIU McNair Scholars. The summer research project initiates students into scholarly activities of their chosen discipline and provides a model of the student-professor relationship that is crucial for success in graduate school.

GRE Preparation

The Graduate Record Examination, commonly known as the GRE, is an important exam used to rank applicants for graduate school. Our program will prepare you for the verbal and math portions of the exam utilizing the following resources:

  • Private tutor
  • Pre- and post-test evaluations
  • Vouchers for the exam (free for scholars)
  • Study materials such as books and flash cards

By GRE requirements you must download and read the GRE Information and Registration.