A hand holding a pen filling out a McNair Scholars application

You may fill out an online application to the program. Applicants to the McNair Scholars Program must submit all of the following:

  • A Statement of Purpose.

Please include a 2-3 page statement that discusses why you want to participate in the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program. Also, describe how the program will benefit you personally and academically. Include a statement that describes your research interests and academic and career goals. You need to also discuss skills that you have that will be useful in your research, such as computer competency, qualitative/quantitative research skills and/or knowledge about statistical programs, etc.

  • Current Northeastern transcript (it does not have to be official).
  • Two letters of recommendation from professors in your major field of study.

Include two letters of recommendation in sealed envelopes. The letters should come from faculty and not teaching assistants or staff persons. The recommenders should be able to discuss your ability to conduct independent research under the supervision of a faculty mentor. They should also be able to evaluate your potential for graduate school, taking into consideration your capacity for critical and analytical thinking and ability to organize and express ideas clearly and intelligently.

  • Most recently filed and signed federal income tax return. (Required only if you are claiming eligibility as a first-generation, low-income college student.)

Include a copy of both your own and your parent’s most recently filed federal income tax return(s) available. However once you are admitted you must then forward the returns for the year in which you were admitted to the program. If you do not submit a tax form with your application, the NEIU McNair Scholars Program cannot consider you as having met the “low-income” eligibility criterion, thus you may not be qualified to participate in the program.

  • Proof of citizenship or permanent residency.

Copy of birth certificate, passport or Permanent Resident card.

  • A completed and signed application form.