Forms for All Students

Form Purpose
Academic Standards Committee Petition Necessary to petition for reinstatement to Northeastern after being academically dismissed as an undergraduate student, student at large, or graduate student at large.
Change of Catalog Year To request a change of catalog year. 
Change of Graduation Date Used when a student who has already applied for graduation needs to change the anticipated graduation date to a different semester.
Change of Name and Address To update your name and/or address. 
Chosen First Name Used to add a chosen first name to the student's record.
Degree Verification To request a letter indicating that all degree requirements have been satisfied before the degree is posted to a student’s official transcript.
Diploma Reorder To request a duplicate or replacement diploma.
Enrollment Verification To request a letter indicating that a student is/was an enrolled student.
FERPA Authorization for Release of Information Release student Education Records to a designated third party.
FERPA Directory Information Prevent disclosure of Directory Information.
Individualized Study Registration To obtain approval and register for Individualized Study.
Recommendation Request To request a letter of recommendation from a faculty or staff member.
Student Billing/Late Withdrawal Petition Used to petition for a bill adjustment or late withdrawal due to extenuating circumstances.
Transcript Request Information How to request an official copy of your Northeastern transcript.

Undergraduate Students


Form Purpose
Application for Graduation To apply for graduation from a bachelor’s degree program.

Concurrent Registration Form

and Checklist

Form for students who are veterans or financial aid recipients taking courses at other colleges/universities while also taking courses concurrently at Northeastern.
Major Declaration Used to declare or remove (un-declare) an undergraduate major or concentration.
Minor Declaration Used to declare or remove (un-declare) an undergraduate minor.
Transfer Reevaluation Request Used to request a reevaluation of transfer credit. 

Undergraduate Student Request to

Register for Graduate-Level Course

Form and Policy

For undergraduate students requesting to take a graduate course.

Graduate Students

Forms Purpose
Application for Graduation - Master's Student To apply for graduation from a master's degree program.
Graduate Academic Progress Plan Used when a program desires to retain a student who is not meeting University standards and is at risk for dismissal, or to reinstate a student back into the program who was just dismissed.
Graduate Thesis Registration Form Used to register a student for thesis hours.
Leave of Absence Request Temporary suspension of standard University inactivation policies.
Program Change or Add Request To request a program change from one academic program to another or to request a program add.
Time Extension Request To request a time extension beyond six years to complete the master’s degree.
Thesis Manual Link to the College of Graduate Studies and Research’s Thesis Manual.
Transfer Credit Waiver Request To transfer credits from another institution or waive an elective/course requirement.