Winter Session (Dec. 2021-Jan. 2022)

Northeastern Illinois University is excited to announce the creation of a Winter Session, which will run from Friday, Dec. 17, 2021, through Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022. Winter Session is an opportunity for students to take up to one course to either get ahead or catch up on earning credit toward your degree.


  • Advance Registration for Winter Session begins Oct.11 and ends Oct. 22. 
  • Open Registration begins Oct. 23 and continues through Dec. 19. 
  • Change of Registration will begin on Dec. 20 and will end on Dec. 21. 
  • Due to the intensive, fast-paced nature of the Winter Session, registration requests will not be able to be honored after Dec. 21


Sixteen courses across multiple disciplines will be offered during the inaugural Winter Session. The courses include:

  • ACTG-202 Introduction to Managerial Accounting (3 credit hours) (online)
  • ABF-350 Management Information Systems (3 credit hours) (online)
  • ANTH-212 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3 credit hours) (in person on Main Campus and hybrid)
  • BLAW-380 Business Law I (3 credit hours) (online)
  • CHEM-103 Chemistry and Society (3 credit hours) (online)
  • CMTM-390 NEIU Cinematheque (1 credit hour) (online)
  • CMTT-221 Acting 1 (3 credit hours) (in person on Main Campus and hybrid)
  • ENGL-102 Writing II (3 credit hours) (online)
  • ENGL-203A The World of Creative Nonfiction (3 credit hours) (online)
  • FINA-475 Management of Financial Institutions (3 credit hours) (in person on Main Campus and hybrid)
  • HIST-301C The Crusades in the Middle Ages (3 credit hours) (in person on Main Campus and hybrid)
  • LLAS-312 Introduction to the Barrio (3 credit hours) (online)
  • LING-300 English Grammar in the Classroom (3 credit hours) (in person on Main Campus and hybrid)
  • LING-438 Syntax (3 credit hours) (in-person on Main Campus and hybrid)
  • MUS-101 The Musical Experience (3 credit hours) (in person on Main Campus)
  • PSYC-210 Parenting (3 credit hours) (in-person on Main Campus and hybrid)
  • SOC-100 Introduction to Sociology (3 credit hours) (online)
  • WGS-101 Introduction to Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies (3 credit hours) (online)

Please continue to review the Spring 2022 Schedule of Classes as class availability is subject to change. You can find Winter Session courses by navigating to the Spring 2022 Schedule of Classes in NEIUport, choosing all of the Subjects, and choosing "Winter Session" under the Part-of-Term field.


View the Winter Session detailed calendar and the overall 2021-2022 calendar.


Is Winter Session a stand-alone term, or is it associated with either the fall or spring semesters?
Winter Session is not a stand-alone term. It is officially associated with the spring semester. Therefore, if an undergraduate student takes one 3-hour course during Winter Session and 9 hours during the Spring 2022 semester, the student's enrollment status will be full-time (12 hours). Note: If you are a veteran student using VA educational benefits, please speak with the Veterans Services Office as to how the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs calculates non-standard terms.

How often will classes meet?
The Winter Session is a three-week intensive session covering the same amount of content that would have been covered in a 16-week semester. Most of the in-person courses will meet four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) for several hours each day. Please review the Schedule of Classes for specific days and times that the course is meeting. Regardless of the modality of the course (in-person, hybrid, online or remote), there will be significant time that the student will be working on coursework outside of any formal meeting days and times.

How many courses can I take during the Winter Session?
Students are permitted to take only one course during the Winter Session.

When will my final grade be available?
Your grade will be visible in NEIUport beginning Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2022.

Will my academic standing be recalculated based on the grade that I receive in the Winter Session course?
No, your academic standing will not be recalculated after the Winter Session term. Academic standing is calculated only once per semester, so your academic standing will be determined at the end of the Spring 2022 semester.

Can I graduate at the end of the Winter Session?
No, students are not able to graduate at the end of the Winter Session. Clearance for graduation happens three times a year: at the end of the spring semester, at the end of the Summer Session, or at the end of the fall semester. Assuming that all other graduation requirements have been completed and you have applied for graduation, you would be considered for graduation at the end of the spring semester if you take your last course during the Winter Session (and the course is your final graduation requirement). In the situation described above, a bachelor's or master's degree candidate would be eligible for the May Commencement ceremony.

Can I use my U-Pass during Winter Session?
The U-Pass deactivates at the end of the fall semester until the beginning of the spring semester. The last day for fall usage for Fall 2021 will be Dec. 12, and the first day for spring will be Jan. 17. In the interim, a student can use their U-Pass Card as an add-value Ventra card but would need to deposit funds themselves.

Will NEIU be open during the winter holidays?
NEIU will be closed for winter break from Friday, Dec. 24, 2021, through Monday, Jan. 3, 2022. Most University offices will reopen at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022.

I still have questions about Winter Session. Who should I contact?
You should contact your academic advisor for any questions that you might have. Additionally, you can contact the Registrar's Office at