Photo of a group of students studying outside of LWH.

The Summer Institute in Kurdish Language and Culture prepares students and researchers to use Kurdish as a medium of interaction and cultural exchange. The eight-week intensive program introduces unique programming that prepares students for leadership, service and success in a diverse, multicultural, global world. It incorporates academic content that values Northeastern’s urban and global mission.

Participants in the Kurdish Summer Institute are enrolled in:

  • Beginning Kurdish (KURD 101): This beginning-level language course is an introduction to the Kurdish language, and the student will develop basic skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing Kurdish. Additionally, the student will acquire cultural appreciation.
  • Intermediate Kurdish (KURD 201): This course is designed to teach intermediate-level Kurdish to enable students to function in informal, formal and academic contexts where Kurdish is spoken or used as a medium of communication and/or research.
  • Kurdish Culture (WLC 200K): This course introduces students to various aspects of Kurdish society. The course incorporates a number of perspectives: anthropological, sociological and cultural studies. It provides an overview of Kurdish society with special attention given to questions of identity, history, important literary and cultural texts and figures, music and dance, food and folkways. Finally, contemporary challenges faced by various parts of Kurdish society will be explored in relation to statelessness and diaspora.

Our instructors use authentic content to prepare students to receive the language and cultural skills they will need in real-life situations. Students in the Introduction to Kurdish Society will participate in extracurricular activities such as conversation with native speakers of Kurdish, film screenings, music and dance.

Course Dates: July 28 – Aug. 14, 2019

Please contact Susan Pogash, MLC Recruitment Director, at or (312) 961-2271 for registration information.