Financial Conflicts of Interest for Funded Research

Northeastern Illinois University requires that investigators disclose any significant financial interest that would reasonably appear to affect sponsored research. Specifically, researchers funded by PHS must disclose significant financial interests (SFIs) that are reasonably related to the research or to an investigator’s University responsibilities that in any way could bias the design, conduct or implementation, management, and reporting of research data. The University will have a mechanism for the investigators to disclose SFIs and University-designated officials to determine if an SFI represents a Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI). Determination of the existence of an FCOI will lead to the development of a University-approved management plan to manage or eliminate the FCOI. The disclosure and management of the FCOI will occur before the University releases any funds to investigators for expenditure.

The resources below provide researchers with more information about recognizing and disclosing FCOI’s.

Questions? Please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects at or (773) 442 4671.