Learn, Do, Secure

Northeastern Illinois University implements multi-factor authentication (MFA) to enhance access control to its Information Technology Resources (ITR).

Information system users are increasingly becoming the main targets of cyberattacks. No matter how secure an IT system is, it has become easier for cybercriminals to compromise users in order to gain access to information systems than to use technological tools. If your user account is compromised, an unauthorized person can gain access to critical work resources which could result in disruption of operations, and severe legislative, legal, or financial consequences to the University.

MFA is designed to provide additional security when you want to log into an IT system. It works by requiring you to verify yourself in addition to your user ID and password. Depending on the option you have selected to enable additional verification, a pin or notification message will be sent to the MFA authenticator app on your mobile device or you will receive an automated phone call or text. After you respond to the verification option you have selected, you will then be able to access the IT system. 

For more information on the University's MFA solution, watch the video on how DUO 2FA works.

My responsibility

  • You will need to enroll your mobile device to use DUO 2FA by following the step-by-step guide provided. 
  • Keep your device secure. Learn more about securing your devices.
  • Don’t share your login details even when you have MFA enabled.
  • Use your NEIU login details only for work purposes. Don’t use them to register accounts on non-University IT systems such as social media sites, online retail stores, or other IT systems that you use for personal purposes.  
  • If you suspect your user account has been breached, change the password immediately and report it to  helpdesk@neiu.edu or call (773) 442-4357.