Learn, Do, Secure

Your NEIU user account provides access to various information resources to support teaching, learning, research, and administrative services at the University. Handling and managing these accounts securely helps to protect them from unauthorized access or other malicious activities that could consequently affect the security of the information resources you access.

This page provides good practices for maintaining the security of your NEIU user accounts.

  • Remember that UTS will never ask you to provide your login details to anyone whether on campus or when working remotely. Do not share your login details with anyone.
  • Password Management: Make your password strong, keep it secret and avoid using the same password on multiple IT systems. If one system is compromised, other systems could also be compromised if you use the same password to access them. See University Password Policy to learn more. 
  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA): MFA is designed to provide additional security when you log into a system. Enroll your mobile device for MFA. Remember to keep the software on your device up-to-date and don’t jailbreak your phone (To remove software restrictions imposed by the manufacturer). See the University’s MFA page for more information.
  • Email: Work-related communications via email are to be carried out using your NEIU email. You should not automatically redirect work email to your personal email. Keep your email decluttered periodically to maintain the right email quota and keep your inbox tidy. See University Email Policy to learn more.
  • Use of NEIU user accounts on non-university affiliated systems: Your login details to NEIU systems are for work purposes only and are not to be used on non-work systems such as social media sites, online retail stores, or other systems that you use for your personal purposes. Oftentimes, confidential information relating to organizations is breached due to misuse of user accounts.