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What is MFA?

Multi-factor Authentication is a tool that provides additional protection for user accounts by ensuring that account owners verify account access requests before any access is granted. This is achieved by providing additional verification along with your Net ID and password when logging into some NEIU applications and accounts (Nmail, VPN, NEIUworks, and Employee Self-Service Portal).

Why is NEIU implementing MFA (DUO MFA)?

Compromised user accounts have become the easiest way that cybercriminals use to gain access to your data, attack organizations to infiltrate IT systems, steal information or disrupt an organization's operations. Northeastern Illinois University is implementing DUO MFA to provide strong access control to your data and the information and IT resources you use for work. By using MFA, your user account has more security making it less susceptible to being compromised since your Net ID and password along with an additional form of verification is required, which DUO provides using the DUO mobile app on your device or a DUO hardware token.

Am I required to use DUO Multi-Factor Authentication? 

Yes. Staff and faculty will only be able to access the applications protected by DUO MFA once their smartphone devices are enrolled to use DUO mobile app or when they have been issued DUO hardware tokens. 

Where can I download the duo mobile app? 

The DUO mobile app can be downloaded from Apple App Store and Android Play Store.


You can enroll your smartphone to use DUO MFA by following the University's DUO Device Enrollment Instructions. Also, see DUO's Enrollment Guide video.

Does it cost me anything to use DUO MFA on my smartphone? 

No, there is no cost to download the DUO mobile app on your smartphone. The DUO mobile app will send push notifications to your smartphone.

Do I have to use DUO every time I want to log into an application?

No. DUO's "trust this browser" and "remember me" features make it convenient to use DUO by reducing the number of times that you'll be prompted for DUO MFA if you are using the same device and the same browser. These features are set to remember you for 12 hours.

To use these features, follow the DUO MFA Remembering a Connection Guide.

Note: User experience may vary depending on the application a user is logging into.

If I use my device for DUO, what information will DUO have access to?

DUO does not use any additional information other than your mobile phone number. During the enrollment process, you may decline to share data. For more information refer to DUO Mobile Privacy Policy and what data DUO collects about you.

Note: DUO mobile app will never access your photos and will only use your camera to scan the QR code to help set up DUO. If you have enabled access to your camera when adding your DUO account, you can remove the permissions by going to the Apps section under the device settings, looking for the DUO mobile app's permissions, and disabling the camera access.

If I have no data plan or internet connection, can I still use DUO?

If required, the DUO mobile app provides options that work without a data plan or internet connection. Although if you have an internet connection, the app makes two-factor authentication as easy as sending you a DUO Push notification but if you don’t, you can use the app to generate a six-digit passcode and enter that instead.

Read more about DUO data usage.

I do not wish to use my personal device for DUO?

Using the DUO mobile app is preferred but DUO hardware tokens can be assigned by UTS User Services.

How can I request a DUO hardware token?

Send an email to UTS User Services at helpdesk@neiu.edu, or call (773) 442-HELP (4357) to set up an appointment to collect a hardware token.

Can I register a new phone number after I have the DUO MFA service?

Yes. Please contact UTS User Services to re-enroll your new device.


No. Smartphones are the preferred option. If you don't have a smartphone, you can request a hardware token.

I have lost my smartphone or hardware token. What should I do?

You should inform the UTS User Services as soon as possible to disable DUO on the lost device and to provide an alternate option.

Can I use the Duo Mobile App or hardware token when traveling abroad?

Yes, you can use DUO mobile app and hardware tokens when traveling to receive push notifications or passcodes.


NEIU Zoom requires authentication using your NEIU credentials. You will need to use DUO for additional verification to authenticate into your Zoom account.

Note: If you are already logged into Nmail, you will not need to authenticate to use Zoom when using the same browser

I forgot my smartphone or hardware token at home, what should I do?

You should contact UTS User Services for a temporary option. 

If I think that my smartphone has been compromised, what should I do?

You should inform the UTS User Services as soon as possible to disable DUO Service. Learn more about securing your mobile devices.

I have lost or damaged my hardware token, what should I do?

Please report it to UTS User Services as soon as possible. Depending on the situation, you may be required to pay for a new hardware token.

I receive an unsolicited duo PUSH NOTIFICATION, what should I DO?

If you receive a DUO Push that you did not request, deny the request and change your account password immediately. Denied requests are automatically reported to UTS.

If I have more questions about DUO MFA, who should I contact?

Send an email to UTS User Services at helpdesk@neiu.edu, or call (773) 442-HELP (4357).