The Technology Help Desk coordinates all requests for service by conducting an initial assessment of the problem or request, and either fulfills the request at the time the issue is reported, or assigns a technician to further investigate and resolve the problem.

All University employees and students may contact the Technology Help Desk for assistance with:

  • Purchase, delivery, installation, set up, trouble-shooting, repair, replacement, loans or surplus of University-issued/owned computers or peripheral technology equipment (i.e., printers, scanners, copiers, classroom projectors and speakers, VOIP office phones, smart phones, or other end-user technology devices).

  • Purchase, installation, configuration, trouble-shooting, patching, and upgrading of University-issued/owned software.

  • Connecting to University wired / Wi-Fi networks

  • Requesting access to University applications such as; Nmail (NEIU email), D2L (learning management system), NEIUport (NEIU intranet), Banner (NEIU records system), and various other University applications and resources.

  • Requesting assistance with locating and utilizing one of our open/public Student Computing labs.

  • Reporting any and all moves, transfers, loss and theft of technology equipment.

  • Requesting information on all offered technology services and their status of operation.

  • Providing end-user training on hardware and software.

  • Requesting any and all forms or documents relating to University technology policies, procedures, standards, and practices.