Student Computing Services (SCS) is a department within the Operations branch of University Technology Services (UTS). Student Computing Services strives to provide high-quality information technology resources and professional support services to students, faculty and staff in the instructional area at Northeastern Illinois University. SCS provides computing resource support for the university community through public computing labs, Technology Enhanced Classrooms, training materials, and academic software consultation. 

SCS is the interface between students and the technologies available to them as members of the university community. As part of the support for these technologies, documentation is available for students who require introductory level assistance with basic computer skills and applications. Furthermore, SCS hires and trains student employees to work in the labs and provides a basic level of assistance to their peers. SCS supports over 350 microcomputers in various locations on campus and at remote locations. SCS performs all of the maintenance required to keep the software and hardware up to date, as well as assists users on how to use the machines and facilities. 

SCS consists of the Service Management and Systems Management operations that take place in the Student Computing Labs.

Service Management

SCS is an integral part of Northeastern Illinois University that handles all technical and operational related activity occurring in the student computer Labs.

Student Lab Support

Lab Assistants are designated in labs to provide students with assistance they need to operate systems and software in an effective and efficient manner.

Lab Environment

SCS supports an environment in which students can focus on their tasks and provides minimum disruptions in computer labs by enforcing certain sets of policies.

Systems Management

Software Installation and Upgrade

All Software Installation Request Forms are routed to SCS in Room B 107 for review and completion.

Software and Hardware Security

SCS ensures the security of computer hardware, printers and other electronic equipment. SCS takes all steps possible to make sure data and systems are secure as well.