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Lab Reservations Required

  • Ensure that you have reserved the Technology Enhanced Classroom (TEC) in which you plan to use the software. TEC lab reservations are done through the office of Academic Affairs by dialing extension 5420 or through the R25 website.

Software Installation Request Form Guidelines

  • Review and understand all of the information required before submitting the Software Installation Request Form.
  • Be conscious of the semester deadlines for submitting a software installation request.
  • Involving UTS and SCS early on in this process will ensure a timely and successful deployment.
  • Review the List of Existing Software. The software you are requesting may already be available to you.
  • If you are requesting new software or an upgrade to an existing software, you must consult with your dean and departmental chair prior to submitting the request to SCS.
  • Software installed in the SCS computer labs is audited on a regular basis. You may be asked to fill out a Continuance Form to keep your software up to date on the systems.
  • Requests submitted by anyone other than the faculty member intending to use the software for a course will not be processed.

General Information

  • Installation
    Student Computing Services (SCS) will install course-related software and for use in the SCS Public Computer Labs and Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TEC). The software must be designed to run on Windows 7 x64 (SP1) or Mac OS X (10.12) as a restricted Guest user. Licensing does not permit Demo-ware, Trial-ware, Shareware or Personal Use applications. Free Software must conform to one of the known “Free Software” licenses listed in the SIRF.
  • Authority
    All software installations on SCS lab computers and in SCS TEC classrooms are done by SCS staff only. Prior arrangements should be made with SCS to ensure successful deployment and operation of software.
  • Licensing
    Proof of Licensing, Installation Media, and License / Supporting Documentation are required for all software and must match the number of computers intending to run the software concurrently and must accompany the Software Installation Request Forms. No software will be installed that violates the software’s License, has reached End-of-Life, is considered unstable (alpha, beta, release candidate) by the vendor / author / developer, is Out-of-Support by the vendor / author / developer or does not have an installer.
  • Availability
    To ensure availability at the start of a semester, the Software Installation Request Form and accompanying software must be given to SCS according to the published deadlines.

Software Installation Deadlines

Software Installation Request Forms (SIRF) and the software to be installed for a course in a SCS lab or TEC must be turned in according to these dates in order to be available for the beginning of the upcoming semester.

Semester SIRF Deadlines


Must be submitted no later than the last week of July


Must be submitted no later than the last week of November


Must be submitted no later than the last week of April

Availability Timeframe

General Policies

  • SCS provides Standard Software in all SCS open computer labs and TEC classrooms in the following five areas: Productivity, Graphics, Communications, Internet, and Utilities. View the List of Existing Software in the SCS labs.
  • Course-related software that accompanies student textbooks may be provided by the instructor to SCS for technical evaluation and installation. Software not directly part of or included with course texts must be approved by the dean before forwarding to SCS. To be installed, this software must be functionally different from existing software already installed and not cause any redundancies.
  • Faculty will be contacted by SCS staff via email when the software has been deployed.
  • SCS will not provide instructional support for the software being installed.
  • Please provide your software on a CD or USB drive. SCS keeps a copy of this software with the Software Installation Request Form. SCS does not download software from vendor/author websites.
  • To prevent software from becoming derelict, software is installed on a per semester basis. It is the instructor’s responsibility to keep the Software Installation(s) current. To keep Software Installation(s) current, you may fill out a Continuance Form. If a continuance has not been requested or an “Un-installation Preference” has not been indicated, the software will be removed after the initial installation semester ends. SCS will send an email notification at the end of the semester regarding un-installations.
  • UTS will facilitate University decisions to implement new software additions and upgrades.
  • Incomplete forms and forms without accompanying software and licensing documentation cannot be processed and will be returned.

Additional Services

  • SCS will contact the software vendor/author to determine software compatibility with existing SCS lab computers.
  • In consultation with the instructor(s), SCS will also review, from a technical standpoint, the expected performance and resource requirements of the software on SCS lab computers.

Department Responsibility

  • The Department and faculty must agree on specific software and involve the dean, UTS and SCS.
  • The Department procures the necessary funding for commercial software.
  • Coordinate requests for new software additions/upgrades with UTS and SCS.
  • Faculty must submit a Continuance Form if the software is to be used the following semester.
  • Please provide your software on a CD or USB. SCS keeps a copy of this software with the Software Installation Form. SCS is not authorized to download software from vendor websites that require a username or special authorization.