Learn, Do, Secure

NEIU is committed to ensuring a safe and secure work environment not only for our physical surroundings but also for our IT Infrastructure. This includes the technology required to protect all of our work accounts and data. In response to increased incidents of phishing, hacking and cyber attacks, University Technology Services (UTS) has implemented several planned security initiatives designed to prevent, protect, mitigate and respond to these types of threats.

One of the tools we are implementing in this effort is Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).

We all know someone who has been targeted by one of these events. Unfortunately, many of these attacks have been successful in their attempts to steal information to commit fraud and cause harm to individuals, organizations or businesses.

Northeastern Illinois University is implementing DUO Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), also known as two-factor authentication, to provide additional security when you log into University IT systems to protect your data and the IT resources you use for work.

DUO MFA works by requiring additional verification from you along with your Net ID and password. Employees must first create a DUO account by registering a mobile device and installing the DUO smartphone app or requesting a physical hardware token to receive a passcode. Depending on the option you select to enable additional verification, a DUO “push” notification will be sent to the DUO authenticator app on your mobile device, or passcode is generated by the hardware token for verification. After you respond to the verification option you have selected or entered the passcode, you will then be able to access the applications that use DUO MFA.

For general information on DUO MFA, see the videos on how DUO MFA works and DUO's Enrollment Guide.

For specific information on the University's DUO MFA, see the Interim Multi-factor Authentication Policy and the MFA FAQ page.

My Responsibility

  • To enroll your smartphone to use DUO MFA, use this link and follow the prompts https://neiu.login.duosecurity.com/. Alternatively, you can request a DUO hardware token from the Help Desk at helpdesk@neiu.edu. For more help, see the DUO MFA User Guide for step-by-step enrollment instructions.
  • Don’t share your login details even when you have DUO MFA enabled. Don’t use them to register accounts on non-University IT systems such as social media sites, online retail stores, or other websites containing personal information. Learn more about keeping your user account secure.
  • Do not share your DUO authentication code. The Help Desk will not ask you to provide your password or your DUO authentication code.
  • If you have not initiated any authentication request, do not approve any DUO Push Notification. Select “Reject” to prevent unauthorized access and generate a report of the activity.
  • If you use a DUO hardware token, keep it secure and store it away when not in use. Report loss or damage immediately to the Help Desk to disable the hardware token. (There will be a $20 reissue fee for lost tokens.)
  • If you suspect that your mobile device has been compromised, you should contact the UTS Help Desk as soon as possible to disable DUO on the device and provide you with other DUO options if you didn't set up DUO on another device as a backup. Learn more about securing your devices.
  • If you suspect that your user account is compromised, change the password and any associated security questions immediately and report it to helpdesk@neiu.edu or call (773) 442-4357.