Library Room Reservation Policy

The Lower Level Library Instruction Room (LIB 022), the Library Administrative Conference Room (LIB 122), and the Third Floor Library Instruction Room (LIB 349) may be reserved by NEIU faculty or staff for use during regular Library hours through 25Live. However, the primary purpose of rooms LIB 022 and LIB 349 is to support the Library Instruction Program.

Non-Library faculty, staff and administrators may reserve these rooms; they are not available for student groups. Information on space for student use can be found online.

Please note: During the peak library instruction months (September, October, January, and February) reservations for weekday events are accepted no earlier than 48 hours in advance.

All use is subject to Library approval.

Room LIB 122 LIB 022 LIB 349
Equipment overhead projector overhead projector
multimedia podium
overhead projector
multimedia podium
24 PCs
Food & drink not allowed allowed not allowed
Max capacity 12 39 34
  • A room may be reserved up to two¬†times per month per group.
  • The person making the reservation is responsible for cancelling the reservation if unable to use the room on the scheduled date/time.
  • The faculty or staff member requesting the room must:
    • attend the event and make all of the arrangements
    • either provide or arrange for any support services
    • return all furniture and equipment to the arrangement found at the beginning of the session
    • remove trash and clean the room after use
    • close and lock the doors when finished with the room.

Approved by Library Faculty, May 13, 2015