Professional Organizations and Journals

Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD)


  • Advances in Developing Human Resources
  • Human Resource Development International
  • Human Resource Development Quarterly
  • Human Resource Development Review

Association for Talent Development (ATD)


  • Training and Development
  • Learning Technologies Community of Practice

International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET)

Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT)


  • Educational Technology Research and Development
  • TechTrends
  • Quarterly Review of Distance Education
  • Instructional Science

Human Resource People and Strategy Organization


  • People and Strategy Journal

International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI)


  • Performance Improvement Journal (PI)
  • Performance Improvement Quarterly (PIQ)
  • Performance Express(online)

Organization Development Network


  • OD Practitioner
  • Practicing OD (online)
  • OD Seasonings(online)

Society for Applied Anthropology


  • Human Organization

Additional HRD Journals

Advances in Developing Human Resources
A quarterly publication that focuses each time on a single topic: performance improvement, action learning, on-the-job training, intellectual capital, globalization, diversity, etc. Each issue is overseen by a different guest editor. Sponsored by the Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD).

Adult Education Quarterly
This is the one of the most research-oriented journals in the adult education field. Here, empirical research is reported, theory is analyzed and literature is interpreted. Topics tend to be of current interest to adult education scholars, although some practice-oriented material is covered occasionally and will be of use to classroom teachers. Examples of recent articles include: "Effects of Increased GED Score Requirements: The Wisconsin Experience" and "The Politics of Responsibility: A Theory of Program Planning Practice for Adult Education." In addition to its typical three to four research articles, Adult Education Quarterly includes two to three lengthy reviews of relevant books at the end of each issue. Indexed by CIJE (ERIC) and Education Index.

Adult Learning
Adult Learning is a theory- and practice-based journal. Its primary audience is practicing adult educators, although teacher educators will also find this useful reading. A large portion of the contributors are practitioners and the articles tend to be either practical in nature or opinion pieces. Generally the journal editors attempt to group articles around a theme such as "Military Education" or "The Information Superhighway," but individual issues are rarely exclusively theme based. In addition to the featured nine to ten articles, each issue also has two short sections that review books, "Resources" for new books and "Personal Reflections: Books to Live By" for older, classic books relevant to the field. Indexed by CIJE (ERIC) and Education Index.

American Educational Research Journal
A quarterly published by the American Research Association, this journal is devoted primarily to carrying "original reports of empirical and theoretical studies and analyses in education." Its articles are heavy reading but deal with important issues. Recent topics have included the assessment of classroom learning, student's problem solving behaviors and the effects of varying conceptions of knowledge. The articles are grouped into two sections. The first, "Social and Institutional Analysis," tends to be more analytical, while the second, "Teaching, Learning and Human Development," tends to be more practically oriented, with case studies and articles dealing with the implications of research. Journal description, tables of contents, abstracts and manuscript guidelines are available online. Indexed by CIJE (ERIC) and Education Index.

Computers and Education
An international journal, Computers and Education focuses on the use of computers and computer-aided instruction in all areas and levels of education, from primary to adult, and in open and distance education. Functioning as a forum for communication in all areas of computing that deal with computing and education, the journal covers topics such as graphics, simulation, computer aided-design, computer integrated manufacture, artificial intelligence, hypertext and hyper media, management of technological change on campus and in local education, networks and so forth. Reviews and summaries of various software and hardware products are offered as are book reviews. Indexed by CIJE (ERIC) and Education Index.

Educational and Psychological Measurement
A "bimonthly journal devoted to the development and application of measures of individual differences," Educational and Psychological Measurement publishes a variety of feature articles, validity studies, computer program descriptions, and book reviews. Feature articles include discussions of problems in the field, reports on research, descriptions of testing programs and other reports pertinent to the measurements field. Articles are abstracted, scholarly and can be quite technical. Indexed by CIJE (ERIC) and Education Index.

Educational Researcher
Published by the American Educational Research Association (AERA), Educational Researcher includes both research studies and news and comments on research. A fair amount of attention is paid to theories of connecting research to the classroom. Book reviews, association news, conference information and AERA council minutes are also published. Journal description and manuscript guidelines are available online.Indexed by CIJE (ERIC) and Education Index.

Educational Technology
"The magazine for managers of change in education," Educational Technology is aimed at fairly sophisticated users of educational technology. Teacher educators, researchers in the area and other professionals interested in current thought and practices in educational technology fields will find this valuable reading. Each issue contains around seven general articles, such as "Compressed Digital Videoconferencing: An Overview" and "A Human Approach to Electronic Performance and Learning Support Systems: Hybrid EPSSs." One or two research articles are also common inclusions. Indexed by CIJE (ERIC) and Education Index.

Educational Technology Research and Development
Current research concerning new technologies, new ways of using present technologies and the application of learning theories to technology are some of the topics covered in this scholarly journal. In addition there are also articles on professional development of interest to educational technology educators. Abstracts of recent ERIC documents of interest, reviews of international research in educational technology, and book reviews are also offered. Indexed by CIJE (ERIC) and Education Index.

Educational Theory
A quarterly published with the intention of "fostering the continuing development of educational theory and encouraging wide and effective discussion of theoretical problems within the educational profession," Educational Theory is a scholarly journal that functions effectively as a forum for those professionals interested in the theoretical issues of education. Articles reporting on studies and of a conceptual nature are typical. Author, title and subject indexes (1983–1995) and the tables of contents and abstracts of issues published from 1992–1995 are available online. Also indexed by CUE (ERIC) and Education Index.

Educom Review
Published by Educause, this journal looks to the future of technology and its impact on the way which we will learn and communicate in the 21st century. Educom Review claims to be the "preeminent magazine that monitors those developments along with related issues in management, planning, law, and policy." Its contents consist of research, commentary and reviews surrounding technological developments. More information is available online. Indexed by ERIC and INSPEC.

ERIC Review
A thematic publication, ERIC Review deals with themes that are both practical and informational and will be of interest to educators in general. For example, recent themes have included professional development and systemic education reform. In addition to featured theme-related articles, ERIC Review also publishes information on and from the subject-specific clearinghouses of the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), including research results, publications and new programs.

HR Magazine
Sponsored by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), this journal deals with issues of concern to working HR managers. Recent articles have included "When OSHA Comes Knocking," "Agenda, Recruitment: 401(k)s Need Investment Policies, Too" and "Future Focus: Is a Corporate Campus in Your Future?"

HRD Quarterly
Sponsored by the Academy of Human Resource Development, this journal is dedicated to the scholarly side of HRD. It claims to be “the first scholarly journal focused directly on the evolving field of human resource development," becoming "the national forum for interdisciplinary exchange on the subject of HRD."

Human Resource Development International
This quarterly journal "promotes all aspects of practice and research that explore issues of individual, group and organizational learning and performance. It is also committed to "questioning the divide between practice and theory, between the 'practitioner' and the 'academic', between traditional and experimental methodological approaches and between organizational demands of scholarship." Recent articles have included "JRD in West Africa," "Planning for the Transition to Performance Consulting in Municipal Government" and "Commonly Held Theories of Human Resource Development."

Journal of Educational Computing Research
Both international and interdisciplinary, this journal provides a wide mix of articles from research to opinion pieces to grant listings that the computer educator or computer science educator will find useful. Self-described as being dedicated to advancing both the knowledge and the practice in the field of computer and computer-related education, the Journal of Educational Computing Research provides not only informative articles and news bits but also a forum for professional dialogue. Examples of recent article titles include "The Effects of Logo-Based Instruction" and "Conceptions of Human-computer Interaction: A Model for Understanding Student Errors." Book Reviews. Indexed by CIJE (ERIC) and Education Index.

Journal of Educational Measurement (JEM)
Published by the National Council on Measurement in Education, JEM provides its readers with "original measurement research and reports of applications of measurement in an educational context [as well as] reviews of books, software, published educational and psychological tests, and other important measurement works." Indexed by CIJE (ERIC) and Education Index.

Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia
Although this journal is similar to the Journal of Computing in Childhood Education because it concentrates on multimedia and hypermedia as used in educational settings, it is aimed at a broader spectrum of educational levels and is multidisciplinary. The main goal of the journal is "to contribute to the advancement of the theory and practice of learning and teaching using these powerful and promising technological tools," and it does so by presenting research and applications, and by functioning as a forum for professionals in the field. Indexed by CIJE (ERIC).

Journal of Educational Psychology
According to its editors, the Journal of Educational Psychology "publishes original investigations dealing with learning and cognition, social and emotional processes, and human development, as they relate to problems of instruction." All levels of education and all age groups are covered. This journal will be of interest to researchers and practitioners interested in the psychological aspects of education. Indexed by CIJE (ERIC) and Education Index.

Journal of Educational Technology Systems
This journal deals with "systems in which technology and education interface and is designed to inform educators who are interested in making optimum use of technology." Both computer hardware and software are discussed, but of primary interest are the articles that deal with the application of varying technologies to the educational setting. Computers are viewed here as an integral part of educational systems and curricula. Indexed by CIJE (ERIC) and Education Index.

Performance Improvement
Published by the International Society for Performance Improvement, this journal is geared towards practitioners of performance technology in the workplace. Articles are practical; including how-to pieces, ready to use job aids and professional perspectives. Articles have had such titles as "The Long and Winding Path (from Instructional Design to Performance Technology)" and "Reducing Impositions on Working Memory Through Instructional Strategies." Indexed by CIJE (ERIC).

Performance Improvement Quarterly
Also published by the International Society for Performance Improvement, this journal is geared more toward the academic and scholarly research side of performance technology.

Technology and Learning
Products and services, technology updates, software reviews and picks, what's new on the Internet and hardware news are all oriented toward educators in this valuable magazine. Anyone interested in using computers and developing technologies as tools in the classroom or other learning environments will find this an indispensable resource for finding out what to pick and how to use it. Similar to MultiMedia Schools and Electronic Learning. Less technical than Learning and Leading with Technology. Indexed by CIJE (ERIC) and Education Index.

The Journal of the Agency for Instructional Technology (AIT), TECHNOS is not by any means a "how to" journal for "techies." Instead it offers readable articles on various aspects of educational reform from such diverse perspectives as 4th-graders, business professionals, educators and political insiders. Here education, technology and educational technology are placed within the broader framework of American society. Anyone interested in thoughtful commentary on technology's past, present and future roles in education will find this valuable reading. Tables of contents and some full-text articles from all past issues are available online.

TechTrends is the "Magazine of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology" and publishes research, practice-oriented and resource reviews on educationally related technology. Indexed by CIJE (ERIC) and Education Index.

A monthly magazine with an emphasis on business-related training.

Training and Development
Published monthly by the American Society for Training and Development, this journal targets training practitioners. Articles are geared to the practical. Recent articles have included "How to Communicate Globally," "A Get-Real Guide to Time Management," "Training in Transition Economies" and "Scenario-Based Training at the F.B.I.”

Technical Training
Also published by the American Society for Training and Development, this journal focuses on the technical issues associated with various training technologies.


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General HRD

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Instructional Design

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Measurement and Evaluation

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Needs Analysis

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Organizational Development

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Presentation/Facilitation Skills

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