Course Requirements for the HRD Major

Required Courses (36 total hours):

HRD-300 Principles and Practices in Human Resource Development—3 credits

HRD-301 Adult Teaching/Learning Process—3 credits

HRD-310 Instructional Techniques and Technology—3 credits

HRD-315 Computer Utilization in Human Resource Development—3 credits

HRD-320 Dynamics of Working with Groups and Individuals—3 credits

HRD-321 Designing Instruction in Human Resource Development—3 credits

HRD-325 Communication and Human Resource Development—3 credits

HRD-328 Organizational Project Management--3 credits.

HRD-329 Internship and Seminar in Human Resource Development—6 credits

HRD Electives*—6 credits

*Each student, after consultation with the program coordinator and/or advisor, will select 6 additional credit hours. The selection of courses will be guided by the student’s career objectives and will focus on competencies relevant to them. Electives may include HRD courses or relevant courses from other departments. Electives can sometimes be found in a student’s transfer credits. Students with weaknesses in any area (such as communication skills) may be required to select electives with the goal of developing these skills.