What can I do with this degree?

Graduates of the School Leadership Program are prepared for leadership positions in Pre-K-Age 22 schools.

Is it a cohort program?

No, although each year unofficial cohorts emerge since candidates often take courses in the same sequence together. The program offers a rolling admission enabling start dates in spring, summer and fall semesters. We can offer cohort programs to school districts upon request. 

How long does it take to complete the program?

Most candidates complete the 36-hour M.A. degree in Educational Leadership in six consecutive semesters (two years), including the summer semester. The University does allow full six years for completion.

How many courses will I take each semester?

Typically, candidates take two courses per semester but candidates make their own choices and do have six years to complete the program. The program offers consecutive courses on the same day beginning later in the day. 

Can I transfer courses?

Yes, candidates wishing to transfer courses from another university will complete an application process through the College of Graduate Studies and Research. Students may apply to transfer a maximum of nine (9) credit hours (three courses) of graduate work taken at another accredited university. The courses must be the same as those we require as our program is a specified program approved by the Illinois State Board of Education in September 2012.

What are the requirements for the internship?

Candidates must complete their internship in an Illinois State Board of Education approved school and the on-site administrator/ mentor must hold a (general administrative endorsement) formerly known as the Type 75 certificate or the principal endorsement. Your on-site administrator/mentor is your “site supervisor” who is expected to complete a one-hour online presentation/course on mentoring as required by law.

What does the internship involve?

The internship is primarily conducted in the candidate’s current school although the candidate selects the site/sites to conduct the internship. Activities required are PreK-12 and that is why some of them will be in another school. A professor/supervisor from NEIU will conduct six meetings (two per semester) with the candidate and his/her on-site administrator/mentor during the yearlong internship (three consecutive semesters which are three of the twelve required courses) to document demonstration of program standards. The yearlong internship is NOT full-time (you can maintain your current position while completing the internship). We estimate about 120 hours per semester and most of the activities are conducted before and after school and during non-teaching time. A few full days may be required per semester, but this is kept to a minimum during the school year. The candidate plans his/her yearlong internship with his/her professor/supervisor and the on-site administrator/mentor. Summers have been an ideal time for many of the activities to be completed; each candidate’s plan is individualized. 

How much does it cost?

Because NEIU is a state university, the tuition and fees are very reasonable. Cost per course (not per semester hour) is approximately $1,500. Consult the fee schedule for the latest information.

What are the requirements for the program and how do I get started?

NEIU, in conjunction with the Illinois State Board of Education, has several specific requirements for full admission to the program. NEIU works individually with you to assist you in the application process. At a minimum though, you must have been a teacher, employed on a teaching license, for two full years (four upon program completion).

Candidates desiring admission to the Master's Degree in Educational Leadership begin by completing an application for obtaining Northeastern Illinois University’s Student at Large (SAL) status. This status allows students to enroll in up to three courses without full admission to the Graduate School. Students admitted as a SAL then use the program’s first introductory course, LEAD 424 (Introduction to the Evaluation of Certified & Support Staff), to complete the Graduate Program application for admission as the class professor provides time to assist students with the details of the formal application process.

Who do I call for help or additional information?

Dr. Howard Bultinck
Department Chair
Cell: (708) 404-2754

Jennifer Grzelak
Coordinator of Student Services
(773) 442-5528