Course Requirements for the Master's Degree in HRD
Please note that all graduate level courses are 3 credit hours.

Required HRD Courses
HRD-400             HRD and the Organization                                             
HRD-401             The Adult Learner I                                                             
HRD-405             Needs and Task Analysis in HRD                                 
HRD-406             Instructional Design in HRD (I)                                        
HRD-407             Measurement and Evaluation in HRD                                                                                      
HRD-415             Seminar in HRD - Organizational Development     
HRD-418E           Topical Seminar In Global/Cultural Issues in HRD
HRD-416             Master's Capstone

HRD Electives
HRD-403             Leadership and Political Savvy in the Workplace    
HRD-410             Talent Management    
HRD-411             Consulting in HRD   
HRD-418F           Topical Seminar: Group Dynamics in HRD   
HRD-414             Strategic Planning in HRD
HRD-421             Leadership and Ethics in HRD    
HRD-490             Multimedia: Design and Application      

Management Elective    
MNGT-474          Human Resources Policy and Decision Making    
Communication elective    
CMTC-414          Seminar In Organizational Communication

Visit the Academic Catalog for more information on the M.A. in Human Resource Development

Your HRD Advisor's Role  
Students admitted to the program will receive an admissions letter from the College of Graduate Studies and Research indicating the advisor for the HRD program. This letter informs the student to contact the advisor to develop a Plan of Study.