Program Objectives

The program objectives for the School Leadership Concentration have been designed to:

  • Develop exemplary administrative school leaders.
  • Foster a school leader’s continuing growth and effectiveness.
  • Serve diverse communities.
  • Develop competencies and skills related to effective leadership.
  • Master management practices and staff development at the school level.

Degree Requirements

Course Number

Course Name

Credit Hours

36 Total

Sequence I

LEAD 424

Introduction to Evaluation of Certified and Support Staff


LEAD 421

Educational Leadership and Organizational Analysis


Upon successful completion of Sequence I and admittance to the program, Part I of the Comprehensive Exam must be taken.

LEAD 429

Research Design and Analysis of Educational Data


LEAD 436

Human Resources Administration in Education


LEAD 401

Instructional Leadership


LEAD 422

The Principalship


Sequence II

LEAD 433

School Law and Ethics


LEAD 432

School Finance and Budgeting


LEAD 431

School and Community Relations


LEAD 434, 435, 437

Internship (three course sequence)

3 each= 9

Upon successful completion of at least three of the five Sequence II courses (not including the internships) Part II of the Comprehensive Exam must be taken.

The Illinois Performance Evaluation (PERA) Growth Through Learning Training and Assessment and the 195-196 Principal as Instructional Leader exam are required for graduation from the program.