Northeastern Illinois University's College of Business and Management enrolls nearly 1,000 majors in Business across the fields of Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management and General Business. The college was awarded AACSB accreditation in 2016, demonstrating quality commensurate with many of Chicago's other well-known business colleges that also hold this accreditation.

The student profile of the College of Business and Management in 2016 was 53 percent male, 37 percent white, 35 percent Hispanic, 12 percent Asian and 6 percent African-American.
For any business looking for an employee or an intern, here is what else you need to know about our students:
  • They are a true reflection of Chicago, with the diversity, drive and work ethic employers seek.
  • They understand diversity because they interact daily with classmates at the most diverse university in the Midwest.
  • They graduated from college owing less than $17,000 in student loans, on average, because they often work to pay tuition as they go.
  • They are driven to make the world better for themselves and their families. Many of our students are first-generation college students.
  • They have completed a rigorous AACSB-accredited business curriculum.
  • They make a difference. Many of our students are involved in family businesses, and community and campus activities.