The College of Business and Technology delivers accessible, applied, market-driven business and
technology education in an inclusive and supportive environment for diverse learners.


We endeavor to be a leading metropolitan college of business and technology, known for the quality of
our academic programs, our graduates, and our community engagement within Chicago.


  1. Attract, educate, retain, and graduate students who will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed in a diverse global business/scientific environment.
  2. Foster high quality curricular and pedagogical activities aligned with the mission of the college.
  3. Foster scientific curiosity and provide opportunities to research practical solutions to real-world problems.
  4. Develop, maintain, and enhance collaborative relationships with other units of our university community, with federal, state, and local governments, and with business communities in Chicago and beyond.
  5. Provide opportunities and resources to support the professional development of faculty and staff.
  6. Enhance technological and physical infrastructures to develop flexible working and learning environments.
  7. Continuously improve the college's financial position by diversifying and enhancing revenue sources.

Key Performance Indicators

Enrollment, Retention, Graduation Rate, Persistence, Revenues, Placement, Relevance of Programs,
Applied Research, Grants, Social Mobility, Diversity

Task Force Participants: Q. Xu, S. Kim, T. Cu, S. Singh, C. Gutierrez, D. Buetow, D. Jordan, R. Trana, G.
Perera, D. Pillai, N. Rao

Outcome Variables/Results

Placement Data

CBT students have obtained internships at:

  • Fulton Market Group
  • Andersen
  • Chicago's 39th Ward
  • Illinois Tool Works 
  • Shure Inc.

Recent graduates have gained employment at:

  • Eve International Logistics
  • Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
  • New World Van Lines
  • Deloitte 
  • Allstate
  • Walgreens 

Early Handshake Results

First year of Handshake Implementation

As of Fall 2021, NEIU is connected with more than 4,800 employers nationwide with over 12,000 active job and internship opportunities.

College Financial Results

Outcomes Data