Welcome to the College of Business and Technology at Northeastern Illinois University!

If you are a new or returning student to NEIU and interested in an undergraduate degree in a business program, you will need to connect with one of the advisors in our college. As such, please be aware that if you have specified a business major (Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, or General Business Administration) on your NEIU application, you will need to fill out paperwork to officially declare either a Business major or pre-major.

Most students will start out as a pre-major student in their intended program (Accounting, Marketing, etc). In order to move from pre-major to being an officially declared Business major, all students must have successfully completed the following:

  • CBT Foundation courses (8 classes)
  • All General Education requirements
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.50 in the Foundation courses
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Completed at least 60 hours of college credit

The specific Foundation courses can be discussed with an advisor. Your cumulative GPA is based on all 100-level or higher coursework completed at NEIU. Your Foundation and major GPA may take into account courses/grades that were taken at your prior institution and accepted by NEIU. Also, please be aware the minimum GPA required to graduate with a bachelor's degree in a business program is 2.50 for both your major and cumulative GPA. Furthermore, if you intend to return to NEIU to pursue a master's degree, we require a minimum 2.75 GPA for acceptance. We offer two master's degree programs: a master's in Business Administration (M.B.A.) and a master's of Science in Accounting.

Advisors in the CBT are full-time professional academic advisors and are available year-round including during the breaks between academic semesters with the exception of weekends and University/federal holidays. Due to the current pandemic, all Undergraduate Program Advisors for the CBT are currently working remotely. They can be reached via email (contact information is below) and you are encouraged to make a virtual appointment with an advisor of your choosing. The virtual appointments are conducted via your NEIU email (Nmail). If you have not already done so, please create your login to NEIUport, the NEIU student portal through which you can access your Gmail-based Nmail. Virtual appointments will be conducted either through text chat or a video conference call initiated by the advisor at the day and time of your appointment. You may also correspond via traditional email, but please be aware that once you are accepted to NEIU, you should use only your NEIU issued Nmail address to reach out to faculty or staff. You should also always include your NEIU student ID number as well so that the advisors can best serve your academic needs.

Students in the College of Business and Technology are free to meet with any CBT advisor of their choosing, although once you declare a pre-major or officially declare your Business major, it is best that you see the same advisor consistently. Other advisors can assist you whenever the advisor you regularly meet with is unavailable. If you have already been in contact with one of the advisors, please continue to work with that advisor regarding your academic program and to get authorized to register for Business courses. If you have not yet reached out to an advisor, please do so accordingly:

Registration for the fall and spring semesters are ongoing so please do connect with an advisor as soon as you can so they can help to get you registered for fall courses now. 

Spring 2021 Teaching Modalities

We have created the following templates as a quick reference guide to CBT courses. You will find that the listing provides the course title, instructor name, CRN, day/time/location of the course, and most importantly the designated teaching modality. Please read the definitions of the different course delivery methods to determine which will best suit your needs.

Fall 2020 Teaching Modalities 

Study Spaces Available

Students who need a quiet space on campus to study can reserve a room in the Student Union. Please complete a Student Union Study Space Request Form to reserve a date and time. Each date/time should be completed in a separate request form.